The closing exchange help

SOOO anyone know how to accept the auto offers from them? I have tried logging in the app, stayed logged in on the web but it seems like every time I click accept, its already taken?! how ? plus the text and email alert seemed to be delayed ? any one have a solution ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Many notaries rightly complain (including me) that no matter how quickly they respond to a posted offer, most of the time, it’s already been assigned. I find this true, especially with Signature Closers. I was frustrated so I researched the issue and here’s what I learned:

Most people have waaaaay too much on their phones, e.g. old messages, too many photos, delete file never emptied out, junk mail likewise, and more. I’m no tech-guy so I cannot explain the issues in technical detail, but I discovered that new, incoming messages (our lifeblood) are slowed down by having too much in the inbox, the delete file, the junk mail and the text file.

I decided to weed through all that stuff on my phone, transfer/archive/delete what I could (which was most of it) and see if my ability to respond to assignments would improve. Since the new, incoming messages and offers were not having to work their way through all my unneeded stuff on my phone, guess what? IT WORKED! I am now able to respond more quickly because I’m getting the incoming messages considerably faster than before. I’m even thinking of having a separate phone that just has notary stuff on it.

I know many of us are married to all the unnecessary stuff we carry on our phones but if it inhibits our ability to get work, maybe it’s time to unload some of that stuff and see if it helps.


Thank, you I will try that!

Get the fastest phone you can afford. Just an FYI, where I am the 5g was slower than 4g. I changed mine back)
Next, clear off all the extraneous junk on games, program, photos etc. Talk to your manufacturer to find out the best way to clear things out, including cache.
Set up a dedicated email and make sure it is set for notifications. Set your text messages for notifications.
To get louder rings and notifications, download a loud ring program.
Hope this helps a little.

Ha ha, I do, My email is clean and I have 5g! I actually contacted them and they said there seems to be a delay for a lot of people. Now i just continuously refresh there app! I guess everyone is doing the same and if your a minute to late its a gonner ha ha

Hello do you have an android or iPhone? I have an android a I can’t catch any of the offers.

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I think that must be true here too. I get notifications slower on my 5g than my husband does on his 4g. Frustrating because I thought it was going to speed things up.

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Tech geek here. Your phone ‘fetches’ alerts rather than alerts fetching your phone. Currently, iOS and Android have battery save features that slow down how many times it pings the app server looking for messages.

For 1st come services like: Signature, Amrock, and BancServ, etc, I have a dummy phone (no cell) I keep in the office on Wifi. I keep the apps open and the phone plugged in and I’ve disabled all saver modes. Compared to my actual cell phone, which I rely on battery saving features, the dummy phone gets the signing requests seconds earlier. That’s enough time to definitely matter. I now get 90% of the signings I am alerted to. It used to be less than 50%.

There’s some 3 party apps that claim to boost your pings but you’ll see your battery life crap, and they’re sorta sketchy. If you only have one device, definitely invest in a few wifi only devices to ‘catch’ way more signings. As far as I am aware, there is no limit to the amount of devices you can be simultaneously logged into for SS apps. You’re welcome :grin:


Used to care about getting their signings, but for the same reason as you; I could never get it on time. Now I care less for their orders as the pay is stupidly low and I cant see myself doing all that work to amount between $10-$15.00 per Hour after taxes and expenses: If I wanted to make $10.00-$15.00 an hour I would go and work at Sam’s Club. At least at Sam’s I would be indoors, not printing stuff, driving around, or chasing clients to get verbal confirmation of appointments ets. lol.

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I have an iPhone. I get my share of Signature Closers offers but I miss a lot of them, too. It’s gotta be my phone.

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I see that too!! I actually recently signed up with them because it seemed things were slowing down however they are one of the low fee companies!

Ha ha because each time apple releases a new phone the older version suddenly has i’m tired syndrome…everyone needs to get paid i guess :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Keep in mind that not all signing companies send out the alerts at the same time. They use a tiered method where the nearest, or most highly rated notaries, get the offer first, if there are no takers in 30 seconds or so, they fire it out to the second tier. Many times by time that offer appears it is already assigned. I used to sit at the same table as another notary and I would get the offers first, his offer would come in 30 seconds later. Sometimes a signing company may want a particular person and they will leave the signing open until they hear from that notary. It helps get more offers to respond to Snapdocs offers even if to tell them you are not available. You can also adjust your profile to show you are in a particular county if you are visiting and you will get work offers while you are away from your regular place of business.

Over time with positive reviews, a notary can climb the ladder. It also helps to update your profile to reflect any special skills or distinguishing services you may offer. I am still getting offers for I-9 signings despite letting them know I no longer provide that service.



Thanks so much, Keaton. This kind of information is VERY helpful to alleviating frustrations with missed signings on my iPhone. I really appreciate this insight.

Incidentally, do you know how I can see my reviews? Where are they stored, in a single location?

Most companies will not share customer reviews with the notary which makes it hard to improve ratings. Snapdocs will give you a monthly report with the number of signings, distance travelled and total fees earned. They also have a section that mentions whether you earned Thumbs up and from the company or from the client. More positive reviews means more chance of getting future assignments. Some companies will also give detailed reports such as ServiceLink. I think they have a problem with their metrics though because I had one wrong date on a document with three signers that had 200 signatures at minimum. This one time error on one date, one document out of some myriad assignments I did that month gave me an error rate of 2%? It is statistically impossible, that 2% is still within their range of acceptable errors but they say that one mistake, on one date on one document was 10% of the errors for my region? I have not received any offers since that last report except for 2 or so in the last three weeks.


wow, that is crazy how are you able to view these reports ?

They email them to you.

interesting, is it emailed when requested ? or when there is an issue ?

Servicelink sends out monthly reports to all NSA partners, I believe. The jobs they send out are very few so if you make even one mistake it puts you in the red. It’s not a very smart system, like the poster above me was saying.

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Thats nuts, I have never gotten one, I wonder why :thinking: