The good companies, the bad and the rest

I have attempted to summarize my experiences with the various signing services in terms of payment time. Those where I specifically received no after-hours support are noted.
30 DAYS OR LESS: FASS (website can’t take large files so have to split into two or three), First American Title, First American Direct, Toad 8, First Class Signing Service; ESS Chicago; US Certified Signers, Certified Signer; One Stop Notary; BCHH; Simple Signings; Standard Notary Service, Advance Mobile Notary - No after-hours support., Solidfi, WFG, CX Choice.
30-40 DAYS: Prestige Notaries* - no after-hours support, The Closer, Villa Title, Coast to Coast, the Closer, Old Republic. *Note that Prestige is now having problems with its new system and is not paying anyone.
THE WORST: Notaries Express took almost 60 days and I had to contact title.
I believe Cohesion is out of business.

I welcome additions or comments. As I said, this is my experience over the past year only.


I just took a notary ASAP signing for a law firm. It was worded weirdly for the signing. Few forms, Court order, door knock. I said I was available with comment what does any of that mean. Next thing I know I was assigned and few min later they were asking me for updates. I was in another signing when I was given the signing. I wasn’t sure I wanted it. The door knock thing was weird. Well it ended up being instructions to knock on the door if the address provided if I could reach the signer! Then ask neighbors if the signer resided there! Thankfully I reached the signer she has moved. Their communication has been zero other then telling me what to do. I asked a few questions zero response. One was how should I return the originals. Signing was on a sat, Wednesday still nothing for how to get these originals back yet the paper work was ASAP and they were all over my email wanting updates. I doubt I’ll do another signing for them. Then I had to be a witness on 3 forms which also wasn’t in the original info just in the instructions after the assignment was given. I feel like I should have been composited for being a witness for 3 forms. (Maybe I’m expecting to much for that) No notarization on either form just witness. They have not answered one phone call and hardly respond on snapdocs. It was half hour away each way as well. And I missed a darn date. I double and triple checked and still missed a date (it was squeezed in a weird place between signature and printed name and missed it. So did signer) so I had to go back out. I know my own fault. But with mileage I hardly made anything. Then witness 3 forms it was more then a “few forms” it was 20 pages and scan backs. I did know about the scan backs but figured few forms no problem. Lesson learned will not do it for what they offered I will definitely counter IF I do another. Their lack of communication has me very turned off! But wanted me to do everything ASAP! 2:30 on a Tuesday I finally received an answer that I would receive a shipping label, nearly another 24 hours later still no shipping label again the signing was a Saturday (which should have also been extra IMO even a little extra.) that was my experience, now to wait for pay. I have sent the invoice so we will see. They say net 30….

In my experience ASAP pays in about 40+ days. I always counter most assignments as companies are trying to get us cheap.

Thank you for the suggestion! I will definitely do that. I figured this would be limited need of me so I went with their offer. But definitely not next time. They haven’t been bad to work with just different and. Like a little more communication especially when we have ease of access to it via snapdocs. Finding ones that pay faster is a challenge I’ve found.

I had the same assignment. 100 miles round trip. 51 days after signing, no payment. Sent new emails, correspondence, no answers. Contacted Law firm, no luck. Looks like small claims might be next.

You might consider contacting title if there is one involved. Who was the company who stiffed you?

@notarynowonline Sorry to read about your difficult experience.

In case you may find some helpful information, please check out this post by @rparker that many have found to be a successful method for collection of non-payment: