The Importance of Carrying Protection

Today was my 1st time ever having ’ super crazy’ happen. Coincidental about a week ago, I came across a youtube video of a notary who said she always carries a stun gun. I’m was already an owner of a stun gun and after listening to her video I added it to my notary bag. Thank God I did. Ladies (and gentlemen) I’m not a weapons advocate but I need all people and newbies to know, please carry some type of protection at all times and NEVER park in someone’s driveway.

My signing today was a refinance where the owner was getting a ‘nice chunk of change’ back, but her co-borrower was not there (as it came out later he refused to sign). She tried to pass another person off as the co-borrower and bribe me to go ahead with the signing. Once I saw through the B.S. of the situation and start packing up the docs to get out of there, that’s when the desperation in her started kicking in and she was not about to let me out of that house. I turned my stun gun on and was ready to rumble to get out of there. She followed me to my car, trying to talk me into letting her sign, whoever this 2nd person came out of the house trying to talk to me, it was a mess. Bottom line, if you’re not, carry some protection at all times!


Great advice! I carry pepper spray & a stun gun. I have not felt unsafe or threatened yet but I like to be prepared. I hope I never have to use them but if I do, I have them.


I had a similar situation. Despite knowing fraud was afoot, I continued with the signing. After the fact I notified the SS, Title, and Lender and telling them I was not shipping the documents to Title. I also notified local law enforcement what happened.


Oh big yikes. I guess I could invest in pepper spray… Never thought about it. I’m taking a Muay Thai boxing class and I could always use some practice lol! It really wouldn’t be a good thing for someone to try and stop me from leaving a house :yum:. Why do you say not to park in someone’s driveway? I always do if there’s room since they’re expecting me.


Since I’ve been doing loan signing I have always made it a point not to park in people’s driveways in case someone in the house needs to leave or to make sure I’m not blocking someone in. TODAY that rule came in handy because when I got there it was only one car in the driveway but I still parked on the street. Whomever this person was that she was trying to pass off as the co-borrower had come and climbed through a window to seem like he was there all the time. IF I would have parked in that driveway they would have had me blocked in and it could have been a bigger mess if they didn’t want to let me out. This has reinforced my rule to never park in someone’s driveway.


ohhh I see. didn’t think about that.

I also carry a stun gun and pepper apart in my notary bag. Glad your safe!

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Don’t forget once you let loose with pepper spray it may cloud your vision preventing you from finding your way to the exit.

You might want to invest in a Martial Art that focuses on hand to hand engagements such as Krav Maga or Jujitsu.


Not a good idea to park in someone’s driveway, even if invited to do so. The homeowner could claim YOU trapped them in their home and even forced them to sign something. Best to park on a well-lit street if you can and cautiously walk to the client’s door. Pepper spray and stun gun seem a good idea, especially when these violent random attacks are happening in this crazy world.


That was smart thinking!


After 10 years in Law Enforcement I’ve picked up a few tricks of the trade.


Omg good thing you had some protection it is very important. I’m licensed to carry it’s a great idea and if you know nothing about guns your local shooting range is happy to teach you :wink: Safety first and it’s getting dark earlier now people are more desperate than ever and what a great catch stay safe and strong.

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Protection is a good idea. But alertness and an escape plan is your best defense. My family was totally opposed to me doing the work of a NSA when they found out I would be meeting people in their homes and various locations. I had to convince them that I was going to be just fine doing this. But I regularly practice these few steps.

I agree that you should reconsider parking in people’s driveways, unless they have one of those homes where the house is a half block away from the street.
In addition, it is a good idea to take a few minutes to always park your car in the direction that faces away from your signing location for a speedy retreat. This is especially important when going to some of those remote, sparsely populated areas.
Before going into the meeting space, put your car keys in a pocket (I always wear something with pockets). Again, this is just in case of the need for a speedy retreat — forget bags and briefcase!
Just in case I may need to leave my wallet behind, I have a picture of my ID and my COVID vaccine card on my cell phone (which I also keep in a pocket rather than holding in my hand or placing on the table during signing).
Once inside, my first question is “where are we going to sign”. I am totally aware of the paces from the door to the signing location and within a few seconds I have an idea of an escape plan if needed. I always determine the seating arrangement, and I am always seated closest to the exit.
I carry a rolling briefcase to all my assignments — a red one, which is how I identify myself to clients when we have a planned meeting at an agreed upon location. But in it I am equipped with a few other items in case I need more than just awareness to get out of a situation. People never notice that I place the briefcase in a way that I don’t trip over it but they will if they move toward me. I don’t zip all the pockets while I’m signing. I also have a concealed weapons permit and membership at a shooting range.
It took me a little while and a few uncomfortable situations for me to come up with these plans. I’m sure you will come up with some of your own that work for you. My family is a bit more at ease with my professional choice — but they still don’t like it. Personally, I don’t too much concern myself with the random unusual stranger. I’m sure a few people have considered me a bit peculiar too.
Be careful out there!


I love this!!! Great tip!!!

All I can say is WOW and Thank You ALL for such great tips. I’ve been doing this 2 years now and I have not had any problems but this will definitely help me be better prepared especially with it getting dark so early. I’m going to show this to my husband. And again WOW !! I am just so shocked they had a different person, a bribe and chasing you to your car. WOW ! I am shocked… Your very close to qualifying for your very own ‘reality’ show. LoL Crazy world we live in.


I’m in Nevada and we can open carry. I just bought a Bryna. It has both pepper balls and hard plastic shot. It will not kill a person but certainly will slow them down allowing me to exit. As a retired realtor we never parked in the driveway and always had a 1 push safety code on our phones and lock boxes. I always place myself with easy exit were I can see all coming and goings.


If you working in A rural area that can’t be avoided, but I generally park on the street where parking is allowed.

I’m a tiny person, so the idea of me confronting a crazy person that says is trying to be someone else, even with my pepper spray at hand is not something I ever want to do, but I’m prepared.

Fortunately, I have never had anything like this happen, but never say never!

I also never thought of 'playing" along, have them sign and then go report to title, and the authorities, thank you for this invaluable suggestion!

That keeps me safe and they think they got away with it! BRILLIANT!

I thought I had a good plan, but you ladies and gentlemen, just made it so much better, thank you!!

As far as parking in the drive, I always ask when I call and introduce myself, but from now on, it will be in the street!

I often visit residences in rural areas and parking on the road is NOT an option. In that case, the driveways are usually dirt, and not well defined with cement and grass. If I do have to park in the driveway, I drive a large 4x4 truck so hopefully I will have no problem driving up or over the grass or whatever for a quick get away! My offroading skills have taught me how to get out of some very tight spots! LOL

Gosh, the things we need to think about. I will be looking into stun guns today!


Some of the things I mentioned would not have occurred to me either until you meet that one person who causes a shift in your way of thinking. I don’t like to label people, but sufficise it to say I did a signing a few years ago where the signer had the appearance of a caricature of someone who would easily pass as a “skinhead”, right down to the doc Martins and tattoos with a glock 19 holstered on his side! What was shocking was that this house had two children under about the age of 5 and the wife was breastfeeding all the while he strutted around during the signing frequently enough for me to witness his holstered gun. Other than a consistent menacing appearance, they were quite genial and offered me beverages and a turn in the restroom before I left if I needed it. That whole situation caused me to think that you really don’t know what you will confront when you are out there. The other thing I will recommend is a serious gut-check. I have had two situations where I have driven up to a property and called the signers to request that we meet in a nearby public location instead, which they accommodated. And, I have had one location that I just passed up and called to say that I was going to be delayed significantly and would need to have the agency reschedule the meeting. There is nothing that says you have to go into a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable. Yes, we do it for the money, but there are other considerations. Safety first.


I carry pepper spray but I also have a concealed weapons permit and always carry my firearm in case things get really out of control. Luckily in my 16 years in this business, I have never had to use either!

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