The Notary Pool paying

I did a big job for these people on June 24 and as of Sept 6, no payment. Does anyone have a history with this group of non-payment?


Reach out the owner John Hoyt. 949.933.8605.
His secretary Brenda Jurando is another contact.
Good luck.


never heard of them, but maybe they need an invoice or you to close it out online or something like that==or maybe they don’t like to pay?

Notorious non payers. Don’t extend credit to anyone without checking them out first.


This was my 1st and last job I did for them: Printed docs just 2 hours prior to closing, drove 45 minutes which ended up being nearly 100 miles roundtrip to find when I arrived that the closing was cancelled 3 hours earlier and nobody bothered to let me know. I called them from the borrowers driveway to confirm this. I asked about the print/trip fee and she told me everything was cancelled and that they would not pay that. I tried explaining that I never received a call from them letting me know it was cancelled therefore I printed my docs and drove the 100 miles and she had the nerve to hang up on me. I have sent invoices, emails, etc with no reply.


Jmalone: Many of these jobs are gone so quick that if you try to check first you will miss out. I am finding that it is better to grab the job and then check and if bad reputation, then call back and charge to Paypal or move on. I finally did get to the owner and he promises to get me an electronic check asap. We will see. They will be a Paypal account if I ever do work for them again.

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There are numerous bad reviews on these folks. They low ball us then don’t pay in a timely manner. I’ve even received calls as late as 11pm wanting me to go close before midnight. No thank you.


They are on my Do Not Call List. They didn’t pay me for a few months as well.

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I had the same problem. I waited and waited until 3/mos pass, then started to call them every week asking for it. I stop accepting assignment from them now.

When you say a pay pal account, do you mean you have them pay you with a credit card first using pay pal or you send the invoice with pay pal to collect first before you go sign?

Thanks so much. I finally got paid today although he shorted me. I don’t think I would a check yet if you hadn’t give me this number.

I am curious. Has this company always been bad at paying or is this a fairly recent thing?

Sburke, lots of Notaries not getting paid. Read other forums. I have never worked for them, because their fee is too low. I respectfully disagree with you about having them pay you up front through PayPal. Why keep them in business? They are hurting fellow notaries by not paying, cheating them out of hard earned money.


That is the BEST response I’ve heard. Most of my requests from them were coming via snap docs so I went in and removed them. There would never come a time when I would take work from them no matter how slow it got. We simply don’t work for free.

They’re a joke. Had to threaten them to take to Title. On my DNC list.

I completed a signing for them in early August and have yet to be paid. After reading this forum I will be sending an email. Thanks for the information!

Hello All,
TheNotaryPool has a 45 day credit terms as per their contract on snapdocs. I have problem with any agency holding notaries to such long payment period. Why do we have to put up with it?
Simple: We are disorganized and no common umbrella. Title Agents have ALTA to work for them, Realtors have their own organization to work for the betterment of their profession, None for notaries welfare and reform? They just don’t exist IMO & if they did, they are doing a poor job of letting this situation fester. Perhaps they are also a part of the same problem & purely commercial in nature.

Why are consumers saddled with these huge costs associated with a simple service such as finding a notary?
Do these huge margins provide for more that just notary search service signing agencies? Hmm ! Kickbacks? Now that would be illegal in all states? Anyways that is just one of my theories.

But this is what I decided to get my payment? I some higher management on the lenders side & they took care of this. Within the hour, the owner called & i received my payment within a few hours.

The lender is also of agreement that it is very unprofessional for notaries to be Not paid , when disbursements happen almost within few hours of loan consummation.

What are the companies doing with our money? Investing and flipping it ? Holding my cash interest free for what?

The larger problem is that notaries are a divided lot.
We are desperate to accept the first available amount? Stop !! Do not accept anything ridiculously low such as 60/70/80/90. I don’t know what you get in your state, but in NJ, this is the rate and someone always accepts it.

I have started a google groups. Check out
I intend to put a stop to the following

  1. Notary default/delays in payment… It must be as instantaneous as escrow’s payment.
  2. Notary Signing Agencies take a LARGE %age as commission & call it notary fee… I am trying to have the law changed in the CD Truth in Lending disclosure to differentiate between NOTARY FEE & SIGNING FEE> Let the consumer decide what he want to pay the escrow as additional fee for notary search services provided by these signing agencies.
  3. Title/Escrow only contract with signing service to facilitate finding a notary & deliver documents/ But be held liable for non payment… For that I am going to push that NOTARIES fees be paid by the person who disburses the funds on closure. Whether the transaction consummated or cancels, the notary fee must be paid.


BTW visit this URl and post your public comments on the FEDERAL register

Amendments to Federal Mortgage Disclosure Requirements Under the Truth in Lending Act (Regulation Z)
A Proposed Rule by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


I did a job on August 26 and I haven’t received payment either. I have been emailing them since last week everyday.

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Any middle agent such as a signing service that cannot pay within 15days is a shady company having other cash issues.
They use the ponzi model of new funds to pay over due funds. Eventually this will collapse and lots of notaries left unpaid.

This practice MUST change. DO NOT ACCEPT any from Notary Pool.

If you do, return the signed documents via COD on FEDEX or PAYPAL for $125 or above payment fee.

That way the lender / title that needs the document , will be forced to pay.
They can then cover the NOTARY POOL with the remainder of commission.


My wife did a closing for them on July 4th, a holiday. I keep calling them and all I ever get is their answering service, which says they will forward the message on, but I never get a call back. My suggestion is AVOID THE NOTARY POOL, unless you don’t need the money.

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