Tired of fighting for work

It’s a tough environment here in Maryland as well. This particular area of the state is rural, and so 30-45 mile drives to signings are frequent. I do signings as a side job but I’m still not going on a signing to lose money. It doesn’t make sense to do a 150-page refi for 75.00 when you have to drive 1/2 hour to get to the signer, then do scanbacks. I feel the pain of those who say “miss a text by 5 mins and you’re screwed!” To the original poster, can you get a part-time job to supplement your signing income? Good luck to you all!


I don’t do LSA and doing pretty well, but you need to learn marketing strategies that work for your area, use technology to your advantage, learn your market and stop thinking you’re the only option…

Even fed ex now has online notaries on notarize.com, adjust I’m sorry it’s the truth!

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Two companies that I did hundreds, maybe thousands, of signings for constantly sent texts and notifications for work. Whereas I used to get gobs of work from them, now I couldn’t even accept their orders–gone to another notary as fast as they came to me. They became a nuisance in my inbox, really. So I did what was best for me. I fired them, told me to remove my name from their active notary list.

I sleep better, and my golf game gets better and better. But then I always knew that someday it would come to this.


Have you signed up for the TheClosingExchange? Or SnapDocs? Those are the only companies I’ve seen sending orders out in the last fee months. Crazy to think that The Closing Exchange has more orders than SnapDocs. It’s extremely slow from everyone, Banks, Title Companies, Signing Services alike. It’s not you.

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Thinking outside of the box depends which state you live in. I’m in WA State, aging senior population, and pandemics have created a driving market for me courtesy of Google post. Signings for Wills, POA’s Durable, Medical, Financial have filled in the gaps for slow days utilizing state price rates for signatures and notarizations. Some people have these documents going up to 50 pages with many signatures and notarizations. Price quote up front is per state rate and no travel fee if within 5 miles of my office. Post business cards at senior centers and hospitals. I will sign in hospitals if NOT a contagious situation like COVID, etc. Receive many calls from senior facilities and hospitals. Food for thought.


I’m in Killeen/Ft Hood area - how close are you??

Normally, I wouldn’t bother, but I’m curious. To whom is your question addressed? How close is WHO to you? Just askin’.

Of course, this is completely unrelated but I can’t help it. I’m wondering why so many notaries capitalize the word “notary” or “notary public.” It’s not a proper noun. It’s a noun, just like reporter, doctor, and realtor are.

I’m with ya. I’m between San Antonio and Austin and things here are continuing to run slow.

I’m located between San Antonio and Austin.

Our daughter is in San Marcos - I just saw a Reddit thread about what we should call Austin and San Antonio when they finally merge together! ugh

This business is NOTHING like it was 1 year ago. The banks and Title companies were making a bundle off of RE-FI’s EZ money for them and US. NO MORE

San Austinio, Austintonia, San Awfulinio, SAA Metroplex, ASA Metroplex…

Thank you! Thank you very much for your positive post!

Thanks, Alice. I’ve been neglecting my marketing the last six months due to personal issues. Your post reminded me that I need to get back out there!

You are always a gold mine of good information.

When used as a general descriptor, you are correct. However, when used as a title or professional address, one capitalizes. As such:

John Doe, Real Estate Broker. (REALTOR is a trademark of the National Association of REALTORs, and as such properly is all caps. Not all real estate agents/brokers are REALTORs.)

Dr. Jane Doe, Jane Doe, MD, Jane Doe, OD, Jane Doe, PhD

John Smith, Notary Public

Hi Judi ~ I moved from Kitsap County to Pierce County this month. Two weeks after my move phone started ringing off the hook ~ Craziness! I asked callers how they found me so quick and they said NNA and Notary Cafe. I still only work daylight hours. When I worked in Bremerton area many signings for out of state property purchases and have a reputation for home purchases in Maricopa County, AZ. Frequent flyer requests. Signers are purchasing future winter and retirement properties. Military personnel purchasing homes in TX and AZ for when their service time is over. Google and leaving my card with hospital(s) and full care facilities has also boosted my business. For seniors I charge state rate and no mileage if they are within 20 mile radius for Wills, POAs, etc. Need to give back to fellow seniors :slight_smile:

To my fellow Washingtonians, I am feeling much of the same activity changes of which you speak. For the first time since I became a CNSA I will not make my minimum goal for the month – tsk, tsk. But, I have stuck to my guns and not taken anything (outside of RONS) that’s below my (adjusted) minimum rate. I have also shrank the radius of my covered area and am now only concentrating work in King county (unless the price is right), where before I covered King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish counites. It doesn’t make sense to me to drive 30+ miles for less $$. But, I also have experienced an uptick in GNW. Also, many people finding my services through NNA, Notary Cafe and Nextdoor. I don’t know whether I am interested in marketing for more work. Will use the fall/winter months to figure that out. So far the money appears to be stable enough and sufficient that I don’t need to consider changes. It helps that I still have some agencies who requests me specifically for some jobs. Thank you to those of you who continue to provide positive, constructive feedback on this forum. A much needed commodity! Good luck to all of us going forward.

I’m getting ready to set up an afternoon a month at the Union Gospel Mission in downtown Tacoma, so the homeless folks that abound in the area can get their docs printed and notarized. It will be a free service. Just giving back…

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I know. The fact is that no one here is using their title behind their name. We’re just using the word notary in a sentence. I even find it capitalized in online articles. I wrote to an editor at the NNA to ask why they capitalize it and they told me they want notaries to feel important! What the heck does that even mean?
Dogs, cats, and gardens are important to me. Does that mean I capitalize them in a sentence?

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