Title 365 sign up

I am a new notary, I tried to Sign up with Title 365, but after sending all the required documents they ask me how many signs I have conducted, So my answer was I am a new notary :slight_smile: . Their answer was they could not approve me because I have less that 25 signings.
What should I do? Please help and suggestions for other signing services.
Thank you

Your answer will never be I’m new

Fake it till you make it. Tell them you have completed 30+ signings or whatever number they want to hear.

Its my understanding that they look for two years experience. A few notaries on the platform has shared their experience with accounts being deactivated in their system because of this. Faking it is one thing… being untruthful is another. I would focus your energies on other SS that do not require this and are more palatable to newer agents like yourself. There are many out there.

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If you use the search feature above using the magnifying glass you will find an answer to your question as this has been asked many times on this form. :slight_smile:

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Excellent suggestion @donaldsonnp

Here’s an image that the original poster may find helpful to locate the Notary Cafe Search Function via the Magnifying Glass [see image below] on the Page Ribbon (brown) at the top of this web page.


The just mentioned the 25 signing not 2 years. I will appreciate if you mention some other companies different than the the other post

That is often the first question that they ask you as part of the screening process… that is my understanding standing… if you said more than 25 they would have then asked you how long you have been a notary that is the second screening question.

As far as companies there are many and the information you are asking for can be found within this site as @cNsa5 shared above.

Read through this thread - it may help; then use the search feature to find more information…