Title Companies Don't Need Us


I’ve been doing direct marketing this week to title companies after a lot of research on my own (reading reviews, finding names of officers, compiling lists, charting them out geographically, sending personalized emails). I emailed all 50 of the title companies before trying to go directly to them, and only ONE PERSON responded to me lol. She rejected me. So, I decided to go door to door. I bring a short resume in an envelope, my business card, and treats for the office with each one. For the record, I’m in Nashville, TN. What I’ve found is that MOST of these title companies don’t need a signing agent. Everyone in the office is a notary and they have closing agents whose literal job is to do signings. I got the picture (and it makes sense…) that they would rather schedule a time for their clients to come to them and perform the signing rather than having a random person go to the client. Most didn’t use signing services because they didn’t need them.

Also, even though I never had a door slammed in my face, most of the times I wasn’t even allowed to speak to the escrow officer, even if I did research and knew their name beforehand. I was NEVER allowed to speak to someone if I didn’t know who they were beforehand. I was given some “all our EOs are busy, sorryyyy” line. These people think they’re working at the freaking pentagon or something. The secretaries are guard dogs and the treats I brought were the only reason they softened up to me. Usually AFTER being given something they would agree to at least ask the escrow officer if they had 5 minutes to spare. And then they’d come back with some ridiculously blatant and hilarious lie about how the EO was “so busy” or “working on uh… uh… paperwork! Yeah, that’s it! So sorry!” You’d think a secretary would have a better cover story… If I wasn’t able to see an EO, I’d leave my info and card with the secretary and give them my little spiel instead. However, I wonder how effective it is since they have no power in the decision making process. And who knows if they even passed on the treats and most importantly, my information, to anyone at all.

I could tell that whenever I was dismissed by the EO, it was a bald faced lie. That showed me that signing agents didn’t even try to get direct work in Nashville, TN. They were very confused by my presence, which made me feel weird. Like… this is a title company, right? Where you provide loans, right? Basically, I was made to feel my role was completely redundant and useless and all the money and time I invested was probably for nothing. No wonder I’m not getting work after signing up to 50 signing services. Title companies don’t even use em here!

So far, it has all been very dismissive. And this flies in the face of Mark Wils’ little LSS YouTube videos where everyone in the world is apparently making 11k per month out of the gate! I’d honestly be happy with 3k/month but that seems laughable so far… What do you guys think?


Working direct w/TC is pretty much only a CA thing. Rarely, it might work in a really large city where a local TC might call an independent INTO the office to handle overflow. Most everywhere else you are viewed as the competition (or some looney). If anyone is getting direct out-of-office work from a local TC, tell us about it.


I think you’re right, Noble! You’ve saved me a lot of money and time because I have been preparing to do what you’ve already done. I’, gonna change up my marketing and go more for GNW, I guess. This is a crazy business.

Just now a signing hit my computer. It is right in my wheelhouse regarding location, timing, pricing, etc. and I answered it in 2 seconds. T-W-O seconds. I didn’t get it, so I called the sender (escrow) and got a song and dance about my need to be be quicker. It is so frustrating to deal with firms that have so much control over the work available.
OK, complaint department is now closed.


Mark Wills has people all over the country doing it. At least, according to their testimonies.


Yes, I see a few of those videos, too. What I’d like to see is a notary in Small town, Fly-over state come here and say, oh, yes, a TC in my town sends me out of their office to handle a signing in the signers home. Anyone??? The TCs that handle the out-of-state Refi Lender business are not the local TCs.


If you need proof about mark wills and his students then you should take a look at Robin Schmidt she will tell you what you need to hear.

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I’m not looking for proof and I’m definitely not looking for a mouthpiece from LSS. I am looking for facts, figures, techniques, strategies, and experiences that I can trust. I get a “snake oil salesman” vibe from Mark Wills and after trying these things on my own, I am very skeptical of any testimonies by students of his…


Your not going to go out to these title companies one time and get their business you can’t do that in any business. It takes consistency and determination there is no business model out there where your going to be successful so quickly and easily it’s not like a job where you show up and get paid and don’t have to really use any critical thinking or creative innovative skills a business is very hard and it takes time.


I never said I went out “one time.” You just made that up. I’ve been at this for several weeks, thank you very much. And please do not lecture me on consistency and determination. You can also leave the patronizing judgement that I have not used any “critical thinking” or “creative innovative skills” at the door. If your goal is to be annoying, you’ve achieved it. You can leave now. If your goal is to be helpful, please try a different approach, sir.


People have been at this for several years. Im not trying to be patronizing I’m just saying that it’s not realistic to expect the results your looking for so quickly. The best person that I can think of that can explain this better then I can is robin shmidt that’s why I referenced her.


Bobby, within your profile it identifies that you’re based in California [CA].

I concur with Arichter that certified notary signing agents [CNSAs] are able to be SUCCESSFUL in CA with marketing directly to loan officers [LOs] & title/escrow companies [T/ECs].

So, in CA I’d not be too quick to limit marketing to solely GNW . . .



As a result, of course the title/escrow companies [T/ECs] would have the perspective of certified notary signing agents [CNSAs] as “the competition.” The fees paid for an external CNSA would directly reduce the T/EC profit margin.

As a sweeping generalization based on input from MOST states across the US (on notary forums over the years), the T/ECs aren’t interested in assisting you to build your business; however, as Arichter indicates, if T/ECs are swamped at the End-of-the-Month [EOM] rush and need an additional CNSA to facilitate document execution to meet corporate deadlines, then our services would be sought after.

Personally, this scenario has presented itself on occasion through the years, for which I’ve been graciously grateful, but the frequency is entirely unpredictable.



Why do you think it is that CA facilitates direct marketing and other places don’t? I feel like the major cities in CA are much more saturated with notaries than other places. I assume the competition would be way higher for an NSA. In TN, for example, Nashville is the largest city. Yet, I don’t feel there are too many signing agents around… There should be a way to do the same thing here as in CA, in theory.


Something I used to do when doing loan signings and marketing

I went to my county website - and the website of my surrounding counties - checked out recorded documents - mortgages, deeds, etc (we don’t have deed of trust here unless under specific circumstances) - top left corner of recorded document has info as to where the original is to be returned - I’d market to that company as that is usually the title/escrow company

As for hitting the pavement locally for this? No - as you said they have their own and don’t need me. What you MAY consider is asking them if they would take you on as an independent during their month-end scramble as an in-house notary to conduct their signings. Will also get you great experience.

Good Luck


Hey there Noble Notary! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it IS possible to do what Mark Wills and his NSA’s say that they’re doing; HOWEVER, there is much to be considered in how this is all happening and many times, the full story isn’t being told. I agree with Aritchter about going direct is a mainly a Cali or escrow state type of situation but there are agents across the country that have and do go direct in other states to include attorney states.

The thing that needs to keep being reiterated here, IMHO, is first know what you’re doing. Learn your state laws THOROUGHLY. Be the expert on the subject matter. Understand the market and your competition. Think outside of the box. Offer a variety of specialize services and BE THE EXPERT on those services. Basically what I’m getting at is be UNDENIABLE! Whatever it is that you do, NobleNotary615 needs to be so good at the services that he offers, NO ONE will EVER be able to come to you and throw you a curve ball. This is a marathon and not a sprint! It IS going to take you time to build your business but if you lay a brick and allow them to set properly, you’ll end up with a firm and buildable foundation!

Keep going and I assure you, you’ll get there. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow! I guess things depend on what state you are in. Oregon notary here, and title companies do use and need mobile notaries! In fact most title company’s have a go to signing service they use.!! Best person to approach is the Escrow Manager!! Make sure that’s where your info lands. There are situations where some customers are home bound and can’t go into the title companies. Half of my work is from referrals! Many folks call the title company needing items to be notarized! Most title companies will not notarize documents that are not involved in an escrow with them. Hence they give the client a couple of notaries to call.! I have worked most of my career in escrow! And most of the time officers are very busy.! They rely on their assistants to set up the outside signings! I have a couple of good ideas for you. Contact me!! Linda C Anderson Oregon Notary


I don’t know if you know her but robin schmidt is the person I look up to and she is a student of mark wills and I think mark wills is great but I really like robin and she even started her own signing service business. I just think that she is the best.

For my area, You are exactly right. For the most part, Title companies don’t need mobile notaries/outside signing agents. Part of their job is to prepare the documents, balance with the lender and meet with the borrowers to explain the documents in detail. They get paid to do this and the lenders expect it. And the escrow officers are all notaries. So, unless they’re super busy and need to contract out the overflow during a refi boom, it doesn’t make much sense to market to local title companies.


That’s the $M question, eh?

The CNSAs are SUCCESSFUL in CA with marketing directly to LOs & T/ECs as per their personal testimony on forums. To obtain an answer to your query NobleNotary615, you’d need to locate a successful CNSA in CA & ask them why. Otherwise, it’s pure speculation as to why . . .


I think it might be the area you’re in. Maybe. I’m in Florida and my plan goes: cold call, find out their hours, ask if they’re seeing people in person. Depending on how friendly the receptionist seems, I’ll introduce myself and ask how many people are usually in the office and when a good time to stop by with some goodies is. If the receptionist isn’t friendly/open, I just ask for the escrow officer’s name without introducing myself – they usually tell me. I always make sure to ask the receptionist’s name, friendly or not.

For the friendly receptionists’ office, I go with my goodie bags and drop them off, making sure to greet the receptionist by name. It’s usually either a, “Are you ___? I’m Kornika, we spoke on the phone. Here’s some goodie bags. Is ___ available?” If they are, I do a quick, “I’m a mobile notary and I specialize in real estate transactions. I’m happy to travel to your clients homes as needed meet them here in the office. I’ll also work nights and weekends.” Then I hand them the goodie bag. They’ve always thanked me and asked for my card. I always say that there’s a few in the bag. So far, a few have asked for my fee schedule. I always tell them that I was just in the office to make an introduction and I’d be happy to email it to them. I do this to insure that I now have an open line of communication.

For the non-friendly ones, I do the same but leave out the spoke on the phone since they didn’t really welcome me to stop by. I then ask for the escrow officer whose name I got as if I’ve known them forever. If the receptionist asks what I need or why, I say, “I have a goodie bag I’d like to leave them as a thank you. I brought you one, too!” Then I hand my card to the receptionist and they take my card back. If I get to meet the officer, I give the same spiel as above but add in, “I was just in the neighborhood finishing up a signing/dropping off documents nearby.” If I’m given some reason the officer is busy, I ask if someone who schedules closings is available. If I get a no there, I smile brightly, leave the bags and ask the receptionist to give them to the original officer I asked for when they can.

Regardless of how it ends, I always try to grab every business card I can from the office and follow up with an email as appropriate.

Then, every two to three months, I email everybody a seasonally appropriate email. Well, I plan to anyway. I’ve only started going direct like 4 weeks ago. So far this has led me to doing direct work for two title companies and one real estate attorney; one of the title companies is a repeat and I’ve signed for two of the deals in their office.

I hear from the title companies and lawyers that everyone in their office is a notary or they have their own closers or some form of that and I always counter with, “Well, I’m happy to fill in the gaps or deal with end of month overflow. I’m sure y’all need vacations and sick days!” Then I laugh it off and say, “Plus I travel when no one wants to and I can accommodate weekends and after hours.”

So, all that said, it can be done. Maybe I’ve been extraordinarily lucky, or maybe it’s geographical.