Tried to getting paid from JMA Outreach Solution

Did someone sign the docs from JMA Outreach Solution, I tried to email to this company to get my two payments but no respond.

I have done several for JMA and have never had an issue with getting paid. Try this email or phone 586.739.1200


They require an invoice e-mailed w/completed status & Tracking # . Pay within 1-2 weeks.

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I already emailed to them again, hopefully get my paycheck asap. Thanks!

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I have worked with them in the past without any complications. I would work with them again if they reached out to me.

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Now I know this company have good reputation, I don’t need to worry about my payments any more.
Thank you!

You have to submit and invoice to them and the shipping label receipt and they will pay you in 30 days.

The only time I’ve had a problem getting paid by JMA is when I forgot to send an invoice after the signing was complete. Did you remember to do that??

Thank you for all of your valuable comments, on 3/8 I finally received my first paycheck which signed on 1/5/24, but another one signed on 1/23/24 still have not received, I emailed them two times, one was on 1/23, another one was on 2/29, at this moment, I only received one. Hopefully, I will get the 2nd one soon. Thanks !