Two-size paper printing

Lately, I’m getting jobs with mixed-sized paper (letter and legal) and my really keen new printer from HP 9025e doesn’t automatically handle the mixed printing requirement. I have to manually swap back and forth even though there are two trays holding the different sizes. I’ve tried going into Windows and changing printer preferences and tried some other seemingly obvious stuff but nothing works. I’m too old a bunny to become a tech mechanic so I’m asking if one of you out there has a nice, easy solution to pass along to me.
I’d be much obliged.

Assuming you have Windows 10, you have to go into printer properties and set each tray - go to Printers & Scanners, click on your printer, click on “manage” the “printer properties” then “device settings” - set your two trays there.

BTW - you do know your printer is an inkjet? And you need a laser printer for loan signings?


Why do I need a laser printer for loan signings? I’ve been using my inkjet printer for months and no one has raised an issue with that. It prints beautifully and fast. What don’t I know???

Laser is required - print lasts longer as toner fuses to the paper; inkjet the ink just sits on it, fading after time. I do agree the newer inkjets really print nicely but it’s still inkjet - which smudges and fades after time.

Surprised you’ve gotten away with it this long - laser has been an industry necessary and standard for years. And this should have been addressed in any training program you took.


Bah, Humbug! It’s always something. If it’s not this, then it’s that. Nothing is ever easy. . .
Whoa, I need a Bromo.

LOL…well, I’m sorry no one addressed this with you; It’s usually almost always contained in the notary instructions - or at least those I’ve seen. I did loan signings here for 12 years, and prior to that I did closings for an attorney firm in Connecticut - dating myself here but I remember when e-docs first came out - it’s been laser for that long.

Sorry to have to break that to you

Although I use a laser printer by choice, I know of no standard anywhere that requires one to do so. Be assured that with the current quality being produced by inkjet printers–many of which are marketed as business printers–you should not have any problem. I am also a retired HP commercial printer sales rep and do know what I am talking about. A big difference you will find is the cost per page on an inkjet is signficantly higher than laser. Laser is also much faster. Be careful the paper you buy is suitable for inkjet printing, too.

See my post above - printing mortgage docs with a laser printer has been a mortgage industry standard for years - for the reasons stated above; doing a little searching I see many training programs also stress that a laser printer is required (including the highly vaunted LSS training). It’s not a law, it’s not a regulation - it’s a mortgage industry requirement and has been since the '80s.


Sorry I asked, y’all. I still don’t have a good answer for printing two sizes of paper, though. Nothing I’ve tried seems to work. How much does a new laser printer cost? Which one are y’all using? Gee whiz!

I have an HP LaserJet Pro M404n and it works like a charm, switching between sizes as it needs to. As someone said above, you have to tell the printer how to set the trays, and then tell your printing program to “auto select”. I had sticker shock over the price of the ink cartridges but it’s been worth it.

I have a service contract through the Geek Squad (at Best Buy) which covers the printer. When I couldn’t figure out the settings, an amazing tech guy showed up at my house and in a few minutes had the printer working properly. I think it cost me $40 - well worth it.

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I have had to become more tech savvy than ever before and I understand how hard it is. You have to go onto your actual printer and the menu and select each tray and what size you want them to be. Then you have to go into your computer as well and tell it to automatically pick the proper size. I hope someone else chimes in because I’m telling you this from memory.

Ask the signing company if you can just print on all legal paper. That has always been acceptable for every signing I have done.

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But legal size paper is more expensive. Would like to print on letter when possible myself.

Always print documents using Adobe Reader.

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Also, a lot of companies prefer laser over inkjet because yes, over time the ink can fade. Laser printers also costs less than inkjet due to not spending a lot of money on ink. I’ve had done closing for 1 year using my inker until I found a laser printer that was just for me. I decided to lease. I also use 24lb 98 bright paper and never had issues with jams or smudges.

Inkjet smears which means if a Smear occurs on a Document that needs to be Recorded they may Reject that Document and give it Back.

Download the HP driver and print your documents on the HP driver.

Yikes!!! What you don’t know is how much cheaper laser is! One cartridge yields 10,000 pages and a “knock off” cartridge runs $40. Check it out.

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Ugh. I wasted so much toner, paper and time on this one!!! OK- here’s your solution!

Some of the HP Laser printers, including mine-the MF428FDW-WILL NOT automatically select. They CANNOT in fact. There are no printer extensions, etc. To make them do Despite the fact that we pay five or $600 for them they do not have the capability to alternate unless you have a second drawer. Meaning, if you use the automatic document feeder for legal, like I do, and then the primary tray for letter size, but do not have a second door, the printer has no way, even if you change the settings, to “automatically” use the correct size if you print through the HP app or directly. I tore my hair out for a month before I found this out, and then it took me another month to find out a solution.

Fortunately it’s an easy and free solution! First, open your printer IP in your browser, and make sure you have your trays set to the correct size paper. As I said, I have my ADF (or, tray 1) set for LEGAL and tray 2 to LETTER. Also check it under the printer settings-not sure it matters but why not. Next- Download Adobe Reader (its free) and use that to print your PDF files. In your program settings (For Windows) find Adobe and make it your default PDF printer. Then, going forward download and save your docs (I created a folder on my desktop and named it Loan Packages, I save them to that by last name), reopen them from there, and print away. You MUST SAVE AND REOPEN! And you’ll thank me over and over in your head.

As far as docs being required, or not required, to be printed On different sizes of paper I can only say that as an escrow officer which is what I did for 21 years it really bugged me if I ever got a signing back that was all printed on legal or all printed on letter. Some states have requirements that the deed of trust or grant deed must be printed on letter size (CA is one) so when the documents were returned to me on legal I had to trim them up to letter-size and, frankly, it bugged me. The way I see it is we are performing a service for which we are being paid, and we should deliver the product back to them as they ask. It’s not a big deal and besides, legal size paper is much more expensive than letter size so printing everything out on legal size is not a cost affective solution. My two cents.

I own the HP 9025e and it most certainly does select letter and legal. Call HP Support at (866) 724-8600.