Using IPad Air Printing on dual tray Printer

Has anyone experienced not being able to print to a dual tray printer using an iPad Air and it choosing the correct paper size while printing loan docs?

I have a new Ipad and a mac book pro, and I have never been able to get it to print dual tray on my printers, which are Brothers. I literally bought a pc laptop with windows 10, to print all my files. Even Brother is not able to make it happen on mac products, Ive called support. Im a mac girl all the way, but for my printing loan docs its windows pc. You will get so frustrated even trying, it will never recognize the legal and letter when sent from a mac. You will have to print each size separately. No way! That being said maybe something in the last year has changed. Don’t think so. I own 3 different laser printers, all Brothers.

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Hello and thank you for the feedback! It has been very frustrating trying to figure this out along with talking to support people for the company which I’m leasing my printer from. wierd thing is they have an phone / tablet app and with pulling up the file within OneDrive integrated within their app looking at the pages you see the sizes correctly but will only print from the specific tray which normally is tray1…
Well if anything changes or if someone out there knows different I will be sure to write to you and let you.

Crazy…I have no trouble printing off my 6 year old iPad (to an HP printer); it’s my HP laptop that is giving me fits!!! :crazy_face:

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wow so with your ipad your printer automatically chooses the correct size paper to printer / on dual tray printer? I’m curious would you mind sharing what you’ve done to make this work?

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Good Luck… I have tried for years to get Mac and Adobe to get along, Adobe knows that there Acrobat and IOS do not get along, but they can’t seem to care enough to fix it. I run a program called Parallels in order to have a virtual windows system on my Mac, that is the only way I have found to get mixed ltr and lgl to print correctly. 5 Different brother printers fail to print properly from IOS, couldn’t even get my Ricoh MP5055 to print on mixed.

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I have 2 hp printers and a Dell laptop. For some reason on the dual tray printer it will switch the right size paper one page to late. I finally gave up trying.

I use a Mac and I can’t get the dual print to work (Brother printer). I have to do it separately. Very time consuming and frustrating.

Really? your Ipad will allow you to print to a dual tray and pulls the correct size when printing lenders / title doc’s? What program to you use if you don’t mind my asking?

You can not print from an iPad to a dual tray printer without having to run all letter or legal. That’s just the way it is, promise. The thing that keeps an iPad from printing both sizes is that there is no option to print based on pdf size like you can from OSX and windows. Im very tech savvy and also did my due diligence. Take it from me, save yourself time and frustration. I know it’s a major bummer, but think about it, an iPad runs basically the same software as an iPhone. Can you print two different sizes from your phone? Nope

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I thought it was me only, with this issue… I can’t print dual with my brother printers (I have 2), my HP laptop and Adobe… what am I doing wrong??? It’s so much time consuming :roll_eyes:
I need help… any suggestions please?

What tablet or laptop do you recommend for notarial jobs in general???
Can use my Kindle for that purpose? Hybrid closings and to pair with my brother printer?

There are no tablets that can download the proper drivers for a dual tray. You can definitely do a hybrid signing with it, but you still won’t be able to print. I recommend a cheap pc laptop to use as your printer. If you use a Remote Desktop, you can just set your iPad or Mac to “tell” the pc to do the printing. That’s what I did until I figured out how to get my MacBook to play nice with my brother. One nice thing about using the remote, is that you can finish a signing, take a new one and before driving home tell the computer to start printing so it’s ready when you walk in the door. Baring any paper jams or that you forget to drop the extension for legal size, (yes you will have a pile of docs on the floor) it’s pretty cool.

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Change the view in the menu bar so the docs are upside down. Sounds crazy, but it works. I’ve still had a package or two that didn’t like the Mac, jams, but rarely now that I flip the view. Give it a try, it’s a Mac user workaround like so much else, but that’s what makes us so much more special than pc users.:wink:

No wonder I can’t print from my Kindle tablet… one more question, can I do RON or hybrid signings with my Kindle?

Not sure about the kindle, but I did see someone that uses a 10 fire. Take a look at this chain. E-signing and hybrid signings

That’s what I have… Kindle 10 fire
Thank you so much for your inputs