Very slow start to the month I'm in VA

How is work for everyone?

Lat week was crazy busy, this week slow. Nature of the beast, I think. 2nd week is usually my slowest time of the month.

Same here in WA. Starting the end of year loan signing downturn. Time to dust off the GNW side of the business, set up some fall semester proctoring work, and start checking in at the courthouse.

Same here in New Jersey

Houston area slow…even worst after Harvey…

You and the rest of our peers in hurricane territory must be having an awful time, with so much disruption. How do you manage to get to a signing?

Houston… I’m busy with heloc, refi’s and cash purchases… I’ve had to turn down assignments due to distance and time. Thank God.

Just received my first signing of the month, Oct 21, here in North Carolina. I have not a hint as to the cause of this slowdown.
Anyone need their yard raked?

It’s slow after the fires here in my area (California, Lake and Sonoma counties)

I’m in Miami, Fl. so far two closings this month, by now (last year) I had close to 15 closings. Interest rates are high, unfurtunaly, terrible things happened in Florida, probably people are thinking twice before moving here or investing in the State, will see …

It’s pretty slow here in Northern CA as well. The month of January hardly anything, February hardly anything but it has started to pick up a little bit. I’m hoping it’s gonna stay steady and get super busy here pretty quick. Otherwise I will be looking for a part time job! Lol

Hi there, I was wondering where you find most of your test proctoring work? I live in a college town with 8 universities so I feel like I’m sitting on a gold mine for this kind of work but I’m not sure how to go about finding it directly. I would think the colleges would have their own folks to proctor tests.

And when you check at the courthouse are you just leaving your business cards?

Thank you!