Waiting for text codes to login

You know. You are ninety minutes out from a signing. You finally receive notification that docs are ready. You log on to the website planning to download, and run into the “text verification” barrier. So you sit and wait… and wait… and wait… for the code. After 30 minutes it finally arrives. You enter it… and find that the login for which the code was issued has timed out, and you have to go through the entire process again.

Do you a) kiss your schedule goodbye and go through the entire process once again, b) call the client to request that they email the docs and spend more time explaining why their “last minute rush to the notary” no longer works because of their added security measure, or c) scream and throw your monitor out the window?

Call the client, scream and throw your monitor AT them. I just wonder how much of a problem it HAS been in the past that they think 2-factor verification is the ultimate solution OR do they just think ‘it looks good’ (but creates more problems than it solves). I’ve had that experience also, but fortunately had time to keep doing the same thing over & over, hoping for different results–which is one definition of insanity. Problem is, with all this cyber junk, it often works. Seriously, I’d call & tell ‘em to send by e-mail because when issues with docs start, they will ALWAYS just send via e-mail. Sigh…remember the good ol’ days of overnight docs that arrived the day before the signing?

And picking up docs already printed and placed in a nice title company branded folder with the title agent’s business card tucked into the front. Still being paid an average of $125 per signing, stopping by title offices to pick up checks every Friday for whichever signings had closed and disbursed that week… Oh, the good old days.