WARNING: AOE Signings, LLC, Tempe, AZ, D Will Torres/CEO => (formerly “Never Sleep Notary” that's now out of business)

Thanks, that’s really good advice for all of us. I appreciate your response.

I did not get concerned till after 60 days and that was being generous. I finally got paid after 100 days.

When holds are placed on deposits its an indicator that a lien or garnishment has been placed on the account.

I keep a scanned copy of every signing on file until the check clears my bank. That way I always have a record with the contact information if I need to chase down a payment.

I did a loan signing for AOE on 7/23/22 so 81 days ago. at the 60 day mark, I reached about 3x and never heard back from owner Will so I sent an email to the title company and they cc’d me on an email to him asking him to respond if I was sent my payment yet. After 2 emails from them, he finally responded and said he mailed the check out months ago and wanted to verify my address. I told him he had the right address but I never received a check. He said he would mail out another and stop payment and that was on Sept 19th, and I still have not received a check. I sent him another email to verify if the new check had been mailed and no response. I am wondering if he just said he mailed the check previously just to buy him some time to pay me. I will not be doing business with this company again.

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I had the same experience with this company also. Since things have slowed up a bit these signing services are not paying as fast as they used too. I understand that as a business you have expenses, but it seems that the notary is the last one to get paid, even though they got paid the notary fee when it closed. I personally feel that the fee you pay the notaries should be handled first then figure out the other stuff, because we are the ones printing the documents burning our gas and not getting anything until a month or so later. Concerning this company I advised that I will be reaching out to the title company and the BBB. That’s how I got paid.

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I did a signing on July 12th with AOE…No payment! Emailed him today at orders.aoesignings.com. Will keep you guys posted.

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@madelyncmiles & @cathyheath55 Very sorry to read about your difficulties to collect payment overdue for your successfully provided professional services.

Here is a direct Notary Cafe url that I regularly refer members to regarding a very helpful Step-by-Step Guide to successfully receiving payment:

Hope this helps!


Hello! I wanted to give an update on my payment from AOE Signings. I just got paid today after 108 days!!. I ended up sending an email which included the title company and they were able to assist me with getting paid. If you are having issues or have never received payment from AOE Signings and the title company for the loan signing was “Stewart Title”, please reach out to Cindy Canales @ Stewart title. Her email is Cindy.Canales@Stewart.com. She is a Sr Escrow Officer and she was instrumental in assisting getting me paid. Hope this information helps anyone that has not been paid. I actually demanded that he either overnight my check or send via Zelle. I received a zelle payment within 10 minutes. Thanks!

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There is a bigger issue here. It is the Title Company(ies) that continue to use less than scrupulous Signing Services.

After 2 or 3 Notaries advise Title about payment issues wouldn’t it make sense for Title company(ies) to sever business with Signing Services like this?

Would it make sense for TCs to look at notary reviews on Notary Rotary or Notary Cafe to sort out problem Signing Services?

Respectfully, Guy



=> It appears there are several members who haven’t yet been paid by AOE.

I’ve researched multiple threads and included those who appear to remain unpaid on this post (above).

If your Signing Order was for Stewart Title, @madelyncmiles (reference the post above) was able to receive payment by reaching out to: Cindy Canales, Senior Escrow Officer at Stewart title. Her email is Cindy.Canales@Stewart.com

Hoping for the best for those who continue to seek payment for their successfully completed Professional Services.



Update: Stewart Title personally called me and said they are no longing using “AOE” signings as a client for loan signings. They did the right thing


I am dealing with the same issue of non payment. It has been 45 days since I did a signing with a 4 hour turnaround time. I am not able to get through on the phone due to they have too many messages. I will send another email and hope I get my compensation.

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@darla Thank you for the update. Wishing you the very Best with your collection efforts.


Do not take any orders from this company. I should have read the reviews before accepting the order from Signingorder.com
I still have not been paid. It has been 90 days since the signing has been completed. The owner keeps giving me the run around. Contact the title company and lender and let them know what kind of people they are hiring so they are aware.

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Same exact situation I am going through with him. He is delaying time. Everything you posted is exactly what he told me. So dang frustrating!

That has always been my method as well, but with AOE all that method has achieved is one lie after another. I finally got fed up and called him on his lies and that I would have no alternative other than to proceed with several steps that I outlined.

He immediately replied he would pay via Zelle or Venmo. I sent him my info and still nothing.

I have sent one final threat and if no funds by tomorrow I will make it my personal mission to pit an ebd to such an unscrupulous practice

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I did a signing for AOE Signings in June of this year for which I have not been paid. I have been trying to reach them by email and phone and have heard nothing back. What is our course of action when this happens?

Hi Alexandra,

Most commenters on AOE, or any signing service, will tell you to contact the title company about non-payment.

I think any title company that has not vetted signing services and use them with no regard are as much and actually more of a problem than the dead beat signing service.

I drafted a letter to the Secretary of State and Department of Regulatory Agencies.

These are the agencies that authorize a business to operate in the state.

I fill in the dead beats name and contact info and address it to the SOS and DORA offices in my state and the dead beats state.

Then, I email the letter to the dead beat and offer them 3 days to pay me via PayPal. If no payment is received, I then send the letters to SOS and DORA asking them to suspend the dead beats authority to conduct business until I receive payment.

These dead beat companies don’t want to hear from SOS & DORA.