WARNING: AOE signings

Did a signing 2/9/22… Never been paid and cannot generate a response from
either aoe or signing order …

Call the title company and let them know… also if you do a search using the magnifying glass you will see another post about this same company

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AOE? More like LOL–despite his already outrageous 45-60 day payment terms (which he DOESN’T reveal until after you’ve taken the order and asked about it,) it took close to 90 days before I got a check from him. He runs a Ponzi scheme, pays older orders with money that comes in from new orders. Eventually, some won’t get paid at all.

He never responded to my request for a payment term nor responded to my request to have it reassigned. I ended up calling the lender and they had it reassigned.

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This is good advice. Lenders need to know about unresponsive SS companies. A company like this will eventually burn themselves out of business. The bad part, they will open up under a new name the next day and recycle their shenanigan’s!

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I haven’t been paid for a signing since June, 2022 despite multiple calls and emails. What do we do when this happens?

I guess I’ll add myself to this List of folks that have been “Stiffed” by this company… 2 signings in Jun 22. No reply or call back despite multiple messages left. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Just pulled this from snapdocs today:
As requested, here is Dylan W. Torres’s contact information:

Email: dylan.william.torres@gmail.com
Phone: (602) 390-5113

Reply to this email to contact the notary directly.

Thank you,
The Snapdocs Team