Missy Johnson - Nema Online

Who else got the “Bye Bye” e-mail from Missy at Nema Online- what a bunch of B.S !!
How many notaries did she not pay?

She stole our time, money and trust!

Plus she indicated “room for a comeback” - What a Chutzpah!

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Lol. I’ve never worked with them, but did see that someone posted the email. Seems like a lot of drama incoming. :speak_no_evil: Were you stiffed by them?

Oh Yeah - Many Many of us were…She never responded to any of my e-mails or voice messages- it’s been over 100 days and Title told me they paid her 3 days after closing…Pathetic!
The SOS should cancel her Notary Commission!


Oh, that’s scary. I wouldn’t hold my breath on getting paid in that case… Seems like she scammed a bunch of you guys. The email mentioned people contacting her family members, so she must really be dodging repayment.

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Nobody is getting paid - except the Lawyers and she’s probably making a plan to “dodge” them as well.
When she gave me the order in September 2022 - she knew already she wasn’t going to pay me as people were complaining form January already - I just was not aware of that.
She was already in the “hole” but she took the order and sent it out - to me that’s fraudulent and therefore criminal - that’s my .02c


Agreed. Maybe she was borrowing from Peter to pay Paul as they say. Getting paid from your order and using your payment to pay off earlier people. Or, maybe it was a simple cash grab? I imagine you’d make a lot of money sending out orders to notaries, doing none of the actual work yourself, and keeping 100% for yourself before closing up shop and running off.

I wonder if she’ll get away with that.


Its heartbreaking to know that a Notary would take advantage of other Notaries especially when they know how hard we work for such little pay. Maybe all who have been suckered need to contact the Attorney General in that state and start some sort of action against her and her business.


For research purposes, linking the associated threads/posts about this individual/her business => in the event someone is spearheading a Class Action Lawsuit & looking for those who have been defrauded:


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I agree. Same happened to me. I took assignment in August. Have yet to be paid and now looks like I never will.

I received the “Bye-Bye” email. I did a signing in April. Was finally paid in September. I started sending emails a few months after the first letter.

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5 months to be paid?! Oh my god.

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AOE still owes me for a deed signing done back in September. No response
to me emails or voicemails. :rage:
NEMA assigned a seller signing to me last month and when I inquired about documents for the signing the next morning…… no response. I called the seller to explain I still have not received the paperwork and he said that I cancelled the appointment and another notary is now coming. I was so irritated. To this day still no response from NEMA. after reading the comments it seems that I dodged a bullet. So sad that we are not being respected in this industry. Last time I checked they need notaries to complete the process.

I like that idea. I called NNA. They said we can gather a bunch of notaries together and start a class action suit agaist her business.

We should stand up for our pay from these unscupulous low paying signing companies.

When was this email sent? Would you mind posting it? It’s been 7 months with no payments.

You need to remember that in the USA you can sue anyone for anything. Doesn’t mean you will win. It is well known that in class action lawsuits the lawyers get basically all the money, and the actual plaintiffs recover very little if they win. Even if you do win and get a judgement collecting it is almost always the hardest part. She can declare bankruptcy or just ignore it, which seems to be her MO. She seems like the type that has no real intention of paying her bills or what she owes people. Just a sad reality and part of doing business unfortunately.

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She got me for one closing. I too amother one, but turned it back. Someone else got scammed.

I did 2 notarizations for Nema & have not received any payment. I also received the Bye Bye via email from Nema. :frowning:

She’s on LinkedIn : Melissa Johnson M.S - eXp Realty, LLC | LinkedIn

We need to pay her a visit