Fun times!

Whelp, third signing reassigned in a week because I haven’t been a notary for at least 2 years and don’t have over 200 signings. What fun this is.

Do a bunch of the cheapo jobs to get you over 200, then sail ON!

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Why do you need 200 signings and for whom?

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200 seems to be the magical number that kinda ‘certifies’ one as an accomplished notary. The real question is how the 200 signings are recorded and confirmed as accurate. Presumably, they must be loan closings.

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I think the company was Nema.

Never heard of NEMA. I’ll look 'em up.

Here they are. I will also say that the offer was $75 but I needed to get some more signings under my belt. My first thought was that anyone that meet those requirements probably would pass on the signing. Oh well…

How long have you been with NEMA and are you getting work from them?

This is rich…so got another request from NEMA and of course it’s a small amount of pay. So I click accept. I guess a couple of clicks from me will waste their time. #JustSayNOtoLowPay

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Speaking of fun time! I just got done with a closing. It was funny because usually people would joke about if I want to take a cat or a dog home. This time it’s a horse! ROTFL. :joy:

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Haha. :rofl: one of my hobbies is reef keeping, otherwise know as a saltwater fish tank. Still waiting for someone to offer me a fish or a coral.

I don’t know about NEMA online. I completed a signing with them in May 2022 and it has been over 95 days and I still have not get paid. Nobody picks up NEMA’s phone, the voicemail box is always full so you cannot leave a message. I emailed them many many times and messaged them via the portal and NO response. If you decide to work with NEMA, good luck!

Wow! NEMA never met a punctuation mark they liked. Such a professional, impressive piece of marketing!