WARNING: Update on AOE FKA Never Sleep Notary

Continuing the discussion from ALERT: AOE Signings, LLC, Tempe, AZ, D Will Torres/CEO => (formerly “Never Sleep Notary” that's now out of business):

I just did a signing for AOE SIGNINGS AND SIGNING ORDER. hopefully, i get paid because I drove to Silver City.

You really took a job from them after reading that thread and all the other threads posted here??

Good luck

Wow, thanks for letting me know you saw this post. I was looking for an address for AOE when this popped up on Google. Thanks for being kind !~

@darla FYI: I’ve performed a cursory Search via the GOLDMINE found within the Notary Cafe Database for other enlightening threads on this business entity. When you research these threads (see the direct url links below), you may glean some germane data about how to proceed & collect the funds due to you.

You can locate the ever-elusive/nearly invisible Magnifying Glass to perform a Search of the database in the image below:

You may find the information within these threads helpful:


It’s always a very good idea to be a bit cautious (use critical thinking processes) when there are MULTIPLE threads (see recent direct Notary Cafe thread references below) about NO or SLOW payment on a business entity.

Why (one might ask)?

Sudden payment normally reveals that the business entity is encountering difficulties with Signing Order placement as word spreads about the direct non-payment/slow payment experiences. This is a tactic to garner confidence.


  1. NO PAY/SLOW PAY => Progressing to definitively NO PAY
  2. SLOW PAY => Progressing to definitively NO PAY
  3. NO PAY/SLOW PAY => With verbal or written commitments to improve OR the “accounting difficulties” have been rectified . . . then, subsequently paying for an order or two . . . then, progressing to definitively NO PAY

Truly, it’s a judgement call. In general, leopards don’t change their spots.


I doubt you will be paid. I have two unpaid from August. A notary friend on the east coast, no payment. A friend in AZ did a signing for AOE in mid October. Her and I received emails that said payment attached. It was a virus. Title no longer uses him bevause of the problems. That doesn’t help any of us.

Really!? Oh my!!! You got a virus :bangbang: Unbelievable :bangbang: Thanks for heads up​:bangbang:

I have 3 signings from September & October 2022…
Stewart Title just sent me this:

“Unfortunately Dylan Torres has completely stopped responding to any of our requests. You will need to contact AZ BBB and AZ Secretary of State and NNA and report his commission number and take legal action against him and AOE. Im so very sorry. When we found out about his unethical work practices we immediately cut ties and stopped using his company.”

@yerajasmine I’d call title and talk to a supervisor who knows what they’re talking about. Or call the escrow officer. Anyone with half a brain cell knows the BBB, SOS and NNA are not going to do anything for you. Do not accept that answer from Stewart Title as final

Good grief


He sent you a virus instead of payment?!?!?! These people are LOW LOW LOW :rage:

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Your welcome. Its a shame that in this tight economy we have to deal with this. If we take an extra minute to check the deadbeat list, we lose the job…

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That is word for word what they told me. Unfortunately, BBB was a waste of time.