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Would you still work with them?

I contacted NEMA last week because they were out over 60 days on payment for a job I did for them in mid-December. I didn’t hear back from them, so today I called them (first number isn’t set up for voicemail so couldn’t leave a message; second listed number – the after-hours number – was able to leave a voicemail message) and also sent another follow-up email. I received an email reply very quickly, as follows:

Good afternoon,

We have been a victim of fraudulent activity, by a notary we hired, we are working with our financial institution and investigators to resolve this matter as quickly as possible.

We will start re-issuing checks by February 25th.

As we work hard to get accounts back on track, we are working to assure this person face criminal charges, and revoke notary commission.

Thank you for your patience.

I thanked them for responding quickly and for the update. I will see what happens after February 25th. This is the only signing order I’ve done for NEMA; they’re not one of my “regulars.” I’ll keep you all posted regarding payment so we’re up to date with responsiveness and payment history. I try never to burn bridges and always keep a positive relationship, since bad things like this can and do happen. I give companies the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise. Stay tuned.

I love this idea!! Thank you!!

Any update on this? Did you finally get paid?


Yes, I did! I was paid exactly when promised, I deposited the check early this week, and I’ve had no issues with it being returned for NSF at this point. I have another job I did for AOE before I tried to collect this payment, and it’s now coming up on about 60 days out – so I’ll have to go through this process again, I’m sure. But I did get paid and I thanked him for following through when he said he would . . . he’s been really responsive to me throughout this entire process. I’ve been courteous and respectful with each interaction, and I think that helps. If the guy is having cash flow issues, getting upset and angry with him is not going to make the money flow any faster. I still want to get paid for the last job I did for him, so I’ll go through the same process, continue to be professional and courteous, and see what happens. I wish you the best on this one – seems like there are financial issues with this company, which is too bad. I’ve had good interactions with him on both jobs (when I had document questions) and he’s been great to work with.

Oops – seems I responded regarding AOE when you are asking about NEMA. YES, I did get paid by NEMA this week! I believe the checks are flowing again. It took a couple weeks longer than I expected, but I did get paid and I thanked them for following through.

Hopefully you will get your payment soon as well!

Thanks for the info on AOE… I’m still passing. This will be my first Saturday off for a while I am going to enjoy the day.

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NOt sure I understand. What do you mean by “do nothing?”

Threaten them with the AG’s office and the iRS. If they’re not paying notaries, they’re not paying enough in taxes. Most states have a theft of services law.

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Their pay has gotten really low and no one wants to do their assignments. I blocked their number and emails.

I received an assignment from " Notary Express A360. Anyone heard of this platform. I tried to login and recieved a “security alert” for possible hacker. Please advise if you know anything about this company or have done business with them before. thank you.

@pkillebrew if you use the search feature and search for Express Notary A360, you will find several threads referencing this company.

I contacted NEMA today for the job was completed over 60days. I hope I’ll get paid soon. :crossed_fingers:

I had one 64 days ago. No payments yet.

I emailed them via email, signing order and the NEMA platform. I also left a message at the main tel number since the voice mail box of the direct contact for the assignment but nobody from NEMA replies.

TO EVERYONE: Here is a direct url link to a Notary Cafe post that identifies bad companies as per Venbooks:


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Still no payment from Prestige for a 10/10/22 signing. Also, they are rude.

I’ve been waiting since 2019!!

Do you have any contact information on FieldChoice LLC?They are refusing to answer their phones or emails. I completed a closing for them June 2023, (42 days ago) and still nothing.