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I have created a list of signing agencies that I will not accept orders from. I have 40 companies on my list. I always check the company name to see if anyone (Notary Cafe members) has complained about not being paid as agreed and if the company is not on my list, I accept the assignment. Please consider adding to this thread with any bad experiences with not being paid or very slow payment.


Notarize 24/7.

Right now, they are almost 2 weeks late on paying me for assignments I did in September. Their accounting person sent me an email a week ago and said the checks were going out Friday.

The USPS Informed Delivery app says that is a lie.

I sent them another invoice today and told them that if I do not receive payment by this Friday that I will put them on a “DO NOT SERVICE” list. I have a big mouth and have no problem telling other notaries about my experience with them.

The problem I have for working for companies that are slow pay/no pay is that they take me away from doing jobs for companies I know who will pay me on time every time. Frankly, I don’t have the time or inclination to babysit signing services.


C2C takes 30 plus days to pay
Since I’ve been countering offer their fees to triple the amount they don’t bother me anymore… which is :+1:


USA Signing Agent- not one assignment in 60 days. Will not reply to emails.


You will not believe the latest excuse why Notarize 24/7 hasn’t paid me. It is unconscionable that they are using a natural disaster as an excuse! Their accounting person says she had to evacuate because of the fires in Southern California. Then she said, for the second time, that the check was going in the mail yesterday.

If they weren’t already late paying me BEFORE the fires started, I would certainly understand the extenuating circumstances for late payment.

I’m not heartless. I hate that California is on fire several times a year now, and I hate that people lose their lives and livelihoods because of these wildfires. But I have a livelihood, too. I can’t afford to work for free.

I gave them a deadline for today to pay me, or they would go on my “DO NOT SERVICE” list.



Where can we find your list?


This list was composed of complaints posted by members of Notary Cafe regarding non payment or late payment of their completed assignments. You can confirm these complaints by searching this Forum using the company name in this list. If you feel a company should not be or should be included in this list, please comment in this thread.
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Well - 123 Notary and Notary Rotary are not signing companies or signing services - they are listing directories just like this site - they should absolutely be removed (despite people’s feelings about the owner of 123).


I’m reserving judgment on ASAP Notary Pro until after November 5th. Their agreement explicitly says they’re NET 45. I did an assignment for them in September, and November 5th is at 45 days for me.

I was told the same thing and no check yet. I’ve read from other seasoned notaries to place a lien on their business. Not sure how to go about that and start a lien process.

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I believe you have to get a court judgment against them before you can file a lien.

For starters, though, you can always call the title company that hired them, and let them know that the signing service is not paying you. It puts the title company’s reputation at risk, so they might reconsider hiring that signing service in the future. I am seriously considering that route, for now.


I have the name of title company and the escrow title officer for my assignment. I will be emailing them about the late payment. If nothing received by 11/6/20.

Do you have I emailed him too.

Tried of slow or non paying signing companies? Feel like they could care less about you? Never fear, Chrissy’s here with her tip of the week. Next time one of your “not so nice” signing companies reaches out to you with a signing - accept. Now this is where the fun begins. I usually do nothing and wait until the ss or title company (best!!) reaches out and when the company is identified i say “oh my” i cant work for you/them because you/they owe me $$.
I’ve gotten a lot of direct bookings from title companies this way, plus my late payments. Not only does the ss lose a customer, they also get yelled at by the title company.
This method has brought me a lot of joy. Hopefully, this will help you too. There are to many bad signing companies out there taking advantage of notaries. Stand tall, my friends.


Add My Mobile Closer in Colleyville, TX. Owed for June 2020 purchase loan signing.


ASAP Notary Pro paid me early, so I’m good with them. :100:


I am still waiting for Celtic Signings from a June and July assignment. I reached out to the owners and they replied with “payment to be sent today” and that was 2 months ago. Still trying.
Thank you for creating this thread and for all the great advice.


Hello My fellow Notaries
I know than National Loan close want pay. I have sent them numerous email. The list look pretty viable to me. Lets keep up the good work we are the reason they can finish the job.

Same here with Celtic and Prestige… I really don’t know how me and my family would manage if my husband was not working. I work as a signing agent because of the flexibility as we have five children one of which of special needs (autism). I am sure all these companies get paid, it so hurtful, its like they have no regards for what we do. :disappointed_relieved:


They went from 45 to 60+ days