WARNING: Brother Bilingual Notary

@kmhnotaryservices Sorry to read about your non-payment experience. Wishing you a positive outcome with your efforts.

Here is another thread on this same business, just in case it may be helpful to you:

I am having the same experience. I completed one of December 18th. As of today and two attempts to get in contact with them, I have not gotten a response. They had a nerve to send out a request through SigningOrder.com. I responded with, “please pay for the first signing I completed.” Of course, no response.

I finally got paid after I threatened to let Title know that I wasn’t paid for the closing yet. So I would try that.

I’m curious, what did they say to you? Explanation? Apology?

All I got was an email saying it was forwarded onto accounting, but I don’t recall an apology. Then I got a notice from a payment system saying my check was going to be issued and mailed within a day or so and when I should expect it by. They I got a notice saying the check was mailed and I did get it. It seems they only responded after I threatened to call title company, Before that no matter how many inquiries I sent I got no response at all.

Ok I went back and checked the messages again. She said a check was mailed but was not cashed and wanted to verify my address. She apologized for the delay in responding. Immediatley after I completed that particular closing they sent me a link so that I could get direct deposit for payment which I did fill out and send back the person even verified that they got it, so they shouldn’t have been mailing a check anyway. Either way I only got a response after I said that “I hated to do it but that if necessary I would contact title to let them know I hadn’t been paid” and then I got a response.

I am having issues as well. Did a job December 23rd and still has not received payment. I called twice and sent an email. On both calls, person who answers say’s he text or email the accountant and that he/she would call me. No calls yet.

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I will NEVER work with Brothers Bilingual Notary ever again. Still waiting on payment for an order Jan 3!! It’s currently 4/23. Absolutely ridiculous. Contacted many times throughout this entire process and was consistently given the runaround. “I’ll contact accounting” BS. Accounting told me over a month ago that the check was mailed but I never received it.
Also, the scheduler Luis told me he’d pay me an extra print fee after another order cancelled after I had already printed. “I’ll pay you the extra fee on the next order we do together” he says, so I ask him email that so we have it in writing. Never sends me the email. I call him about it. “Oh yeah I’ll do that right now for you.” He still hasn’t

Do yourself a favor and DO NOT WORK WITH THIS COMPANY. I’ve done very little business with them but they have made a mess with everything after the order has been completed. Unreliable, dishonest, unorganized, disrespectful to my time. Never again

BLB is the ONLY signing service that ever stiffed me. I did two jobs for them and it took several months to get paid on the first one; got $50 of a $100 fee on the second one. If I did something wrong, they didn’t tell me. That LUIS fella is worthless. Y’all have been warned.

I did two jobs for BBN on 3/30 ($80) and 4/12 ($80) and still have not been paid. I left several voice messages, e-mails, text messages and even left a message on BBN Facebook page… no luck. : (

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(CA) I am fortunate in that I have not been stiffed by any signing service other than Bilingual Brothers, and then, for $50 of my $100 fee. My advice to y’all: don’t work with Bilingual Brothers. Run 'em out of the business. Advise title/lender/escrow of your non-payment experience and move on.

Just got paid yesterday after reaching out to Title. Checks was sent right away.
I will never work for them again.

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(CA) Good for you, kid. I call them Bifurcate Brothers. Never again will I do a job for those punks.

I wish I would have read all these comments before taking my signing in July. I’m still trying to get paid. Two emails to them so far has resulted in no response. With so few closings available in my area now, it stinks having to chase money owed to me.

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Brothers Bilingual Notaries always pays me in a timely manner, direct deposit to my bank account, never had a problem with them, I wish if they have some signings availabe in my area, send these to me!

@mannie1950 you’ve been known to say it’s okay to wait 60-90 days to be paid - what do you consider “a timely manner”?? IMWTK

Some TC and SS, when they offer you and you accept on the orders paperwork they state: Notary Payment: “Your payment is typically issued within 35 days of signing and will be issued such date” or “Remainder: We pay the 1st Monday following 4 weeks from the signing date, as long as we have all of your updated paperwork on file” and they pay you on time, other companies pay in a week, others every two weeks, some in a month others take as long 90 or more days, it depends on wich SS or TC you are takings signings from them, so patient is a virtue, I’m always been paid does not matter how long it takes…

It’s wise to always remember to query if their payment interval is 35 days calendar days or 35 business days of the signing.

There is quite a gap of time between those two intervals . . .


Having a payment issue with BBL as well! I have left 2 vm and sent 2 emails and no response. Their pay schedule states net 30. It has only been 40 days so far, however, I very much wish to be paid on time as do other signing agents. We as signing agents have to conduct ourselves with a high level of conduct and one of those is to be on time for signings and etc. Not sure if I should reach out to Title or email them first and state I will contact Title. I will also notify the BBB. Any thoughts?

Thanks everyone!

@shannonebrock FYI: For general future reference - in the event that you may need guidance with collection of Past Due funds - please reference this sagacious & effective process by @rparker :