WARNING: Brother Bilingual Notary

Some TC and SS, when they offer you and you accept on the orders paperwork they state: Notary Payment: “Your payment is typically issued within 35 days of signing and will be issued such date” or “Remainder: We pay the 1st Monday following 4 weeks from the signing date, as long as we have all of your updated paperwork on file” and they pay you on time, other companies pay in a week, others every two weeks, some in a month others take as long 90 or more days, it depends on wich SS or TC you are takings signings from them, so patient is a virtue, I’m always been paid does not matter how long it takes…

It’s wise to always remember to query if their payment interval is 35 days calendar days or 35 business days of the signing.

There is quite a gap of time between those two intervals . . .


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Having a payment issue with BBL as well! I have left 2 vm and sent 2 emails and no response. Their pay schedule states net 30. It has only been 40 days so far, however, I very much wish to be paid on time as do other signing agents. We as signing agents have to conduct ourselves with a high level of conduct and one of those is to be on time for signings and etc. Not sure if I should reach out to Title or email them first and state I will contact Title. I will also notify the BBB. Any thoughts?

Thanks everyone!

@shannonebrock FYI: For general future reference - in the event that you may need guidance with collection of Past Due funds - please reference this sagacious & effective process by @rparker :


Yes!! Problem with payment. Closed in Dec 22, no payment, no response to numerous call and invoicing.
Voicemail now full and not accepting messages.

@pescott33 Sorry to read about your non-payment direct experience with BBN.

Perchance did you see the post just above yours that contains the direct Notary Cafe url link for the Step-by-Step Guide for payment of Professional Signing Agent [PSA] fees for services successfully provided?


Also, you may find it helpful to Search the plethora of threads (a GOLDMINE) within the Notary Cafe database. Access this database directly anytime via the Magnifying Glass. To be helpful, there is an image below to help you locate it as many members state that it’s quite difficult/nearly impossible to find.

Performed a cursory Search for you and there are 9 threads on this list:


You may be able to find posts within those threads that reveal how to achieve payment.


Thanks for posting this. I’ve been sending emails with no response. I took everyone’s advice and emailed the Title company. Hopefully this works.
It’s very frustrating to know that Brother Bilingual has been paid and they make you beg for your agreed upon amount.

I contacted luis@bbnorders.com after not getting paid for some old orders, and no response from orders@bbnorders.com

To my surprise, Luis called me immediately and I received payment today for the orders.

I noticed a direct deposit form attached to the original order from them, so I filled that out and sent to them as well.

Luis called me from (480) 341-1493. The number on their website and signingorder was not receiving calls, which he said was an issue with their MagicJack phone system.