WARNING: Certified Mobile Notary Service - AKA CMNS

Has anyone signed up with certified mobile notary service? They charge $318 for life for leads

And you pay $318 for “leads” that probably will never materialize. Read through these forums and you’ll see the status of the loan signing end of notary business. Might as well set fire to that money, IMHO.

Better off to study your business and diversify. Gauge your market conditions and target a niche.

JMO and good luck


Thanks. I will find my niche


There are only 3 worth paying for…Notary Cafe is one of 'em. The one you asked about is not.
Heed what Linda said.


As @LindaH-FL kindly suggested above, a brief Search of the Notary Cafe database (a GOLDMINE) will provide you with great insights, information, & clarity regarding this business sector & the direct experiences of others. The research you engage in will also guide you in further developing your critical thinking processes . . .

I performed a cursory Search of the database utilizing the ever-elusive, nearly-invisible Magnifying Glass for the keywords “certified mobile notary service” you supplied and found this critically important thread:

I do certainly echo the insights/advice provided by LindaH-FL & Arichter.


To help you locate the Magnifying Glass, I have inserted an image below.


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Horrible BBB reviews

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Whattttttttt. You done what. Them scammers can’t play veteran notary like this


If you want to throw your money I’ll charge you half as much and still do nothing for you. :upside_down_face:


Are these the GlenGary Leads? So when I get the leads, do I call each of them and ask if they told the caller from CMNS that they need mobile notary service? Are you guys too stupid to think that a con job like this will save your dying notary career? Spend your money on a legitimate website, purchase as much SEO as you can afford, and wait for the phone to ring. Clients will keep calling notaries till someone answers the phone. If that person is you, you’re working if you miss the call, you’re waiting.


Who are you referring to as stupid?This started out as a simple question. Nowhere was it indicated that I signed up for anything nor am I trying to help my dying career that I haven’t even started yet.know the facts before you speak and end up sounding stupid yourself

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I never signed up. Was curious and looking for opinions. Thank you

BEWARE! Any agency that charges is fraudulent most of the time like “GobSigning Agent” as no agency I’ve encounter has charged… Even NotaryGo used to charge 25 monthly but have stopped although they are ridiculously low, when I was new I used them repeat Lu to increase experience and numbers, I still do the occasional I9 or if my price is accepted… To many Top Agencies are out there, don’t pay… Soley my opinion…
Best Wishes!
Jody Pope

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That’s a scam. You never pay to sign up or get orders. Sounds desperate…

Thank you for the input

Just starting out so no I’m not desperate. Just asking if anyone used them

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Glad you didnt do it!
Lots of scammers out there!

If they are serious on providing leads, then they can offer you to work off the balance. Deduction of their fee from the signings they are providing since they guarantee that they will keep you busy.

Would you pay money to go work at any company? Common sense should reign here!

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