WARNING: Do Not Do Signings For Jellyfish Signings


They are working through the Signing Order platform, the Secretary of State has them listed as a terminated LLC, and they do not show through a Better Business Bureau Search. Nathan, the owner of Jellyfish Signings, is hiring out notaries to complete jobs and then not paying them or responding to remittance inquiries. I have filed a complaint through the Signing Order platform and hope to have them taken off the platform but want to put out a warning to fellow notaries and especially in the San Francisco Bay Area.
I encourage anyone with a similar experience to contact the management for the lender involved with the signing and let them know about the non payment(s)


Wow… thanks for the heads up

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@jlarsen.notarysf Thank you for sharing your direct experience with this business entity.

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Here are a few threads on the topic of that business entity that you may find insightful/helpful:


It’s always wise to research & vet a new client prior to providing a definitive confirmation to them for your initial Signing Order for them. A great start of research would begin within the Notary Cafe forums Search Function.

To be helpful, I’ve inserted an image for you & others [see below] to help members locate it to unlock the wisdom & knowledge of other members on the forums.

Accessing the database to locate information about potential clients has saved many of us an inordinate amount of time ‘chasing’ payments for Services professionally provided to potential non-payers . . .


@jlarsen.notarysf Nathan reads this forum and I’m sure he’ll address your issue you voiced here - he always does.

@jlarsen.notarysf Springboarding from @LindaH-FL 's post above, here is a screen capture followed by the direct Notary Cafe url link:


Posting on Behalf of Jellyfish.

There are always 2 sides to every story.

Some of the notaries that state they have not been paid have had technical issues, some of them don’t know how to receive an Echeck, and regrettably some of them just fell through the cracks.

The owner has been in the hospital with a medical emergency, and with the slowdown, most of the staff had been regrettably, let go.

One of our biggest clients had a glitch in their invoicing software and was behind $15,000 in payments, causing a dizzying cash flow crunch.

While some notaries are cussing us out over a missed $50 check…we were “missing” $15,000!

Its been said that a person under stress reveals their true character…

Each of the notaries that has a complaint should bring it to us. We have only heard of a handful and we have dealt with them individually.

Sir, if you’re going to do that much digging then you should be more thorough. “Jellyfish Enterprises LLC” has been terminated, true. However, the business was transferred to another entity which is alive and well.

Thanks for the libel, though.

Really, though, these “forums” are our best source of notaries to blacklist.

The great notaries are not posting on them mouthing off. They are too busy actually working, building their business.

We wish you the best!

@Ndaulton What is the name of the other entity please? Thank You.

Here is a copy of the email I sent you before posting, since it seems I can only get a response here through a forum after posting something negative…this is something I, nor others should have to do to get a response from you. I will add that I also called your number multiple times and left a message before sending this final email to you…

To Whom it may concern,

I am contacting you concerning remittance for 3 orders, order #Xxxxx, #Xxxxx, and #Xxxxx. It has been 133, 125 and 79 days respectively since work was completed.

Let me start with that I like working for you, I like that you’re local, you send me plenty of work opportunities, and that I do have other job payments pending with you. So believe me when I say that I want to give you the benefit of the doubt and understand accounting errors do happen, but I have already contacted you about this a number of times including just last week on Jan 24, 2023 with the last response back from you on the 2nd of December 2022. I am now getting very concerned my remittance will not be forthcoming and I will have to take the next step of actions including but not limited to contacting SigningOrder administration, the Lender’s management teams for these two signings, the Better Business Bureau, the Secretary of State, and any and all Notary forums I can find including Notary Cafe, Notary Rotary, 123 Notary, Notary Stars, etc…

Again, below are my invoices with names, dates and order/file numbers.

If I do not get a response within the next 5 business days I will commence taking action.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear a response soon.

As a business owner contracting out work to those in a lesser position, it is not ours to need to know or worry about your financial situation, however it is yours to worry about ours, we did not contract you out. I believe you are lying here on this platform and trying to bully the little guy who needs his “$50” more than you know, while your business is “alive and well”. I wonder why your business is now listed under a “new entity” and could you give me the name of this “new entity” so I can officially report you to the BBB and Secretary of State?..your quote is, “Its been said that a person under stress reveals their true character…”, well we now know yours, keep your head above water while stepping on the little guy!!! I say this knowing I still have not received an email from you concerning my money owed, yet you took the time to read, respond and threaten to “blacklist” me here on this forum. Shameful.

Libel: A published false statement

I would also like to know…What Libel?

  1. ““Jellyfish Enterprises LLC” has been terminated, true”.

  2. I have not been paid nor have you responded to my remittance request.

  3. By your own admission, other Notaries have not been paid as well: “Some of the notaries that state they have not been paid have had technical issues, some of them don’t know how to receive an Echeck, and regrettably some of them just fell through the cracks”.

Number 3 sounds like excuses to me, but nevertheless, all true…NO LIBEL! And really, a notary who doesn’t know how to receive an Echeck…Hahahaha, that sure ain’t me.

Lastly, I’ll add that this does not constitute as “mouthing off”, this is you trying to belittle someone with a legitimate concern.


It seems like jlarsen.notarys is being browbeaten for simply posting his experience with your “company.” Ndaulton, you threaten to blacklist him, and attempt to demean him as the amount of pay he is entitled to is SO meager compared to the 15k you are owed. Let me offer my insight, as I really do not like bullying.

  1. Your message attempts to belittle a person wanting a $100 payment because you are owed 15k. Well, as a senior Business Analys,t let me tell you that you discredited yourself and your company with this attempt. If one late payment owed from a single vendor, at 15k causes “a dizzying cash flow crunch,” severe enough that you are unable to pay for services rendered. Services that you have most likely billed or even been paid for show that your company lack the skill to manage cash flow, do not have access to credit to make this a non-issue, and are working on very thin margins. I would not consider this a viable business, and I would say that the risk of not being paid is significant and worth posting.

  2. According to the California SOS office, the business was terminated as of 9/23/21. There is an active business with this name in Arizona that was started almost a year prior to the termination of the CA LLC. You are not listed on the article of organization, but that doesn’t mean you are not an owner. However, I don’t believe you can transfer a terminated business. That’s why it is terminated.

  3. As far as an accusation of libel, that’s ridiculous. What did he say that was false?


@Ndaulton What is the name of the other entity please? Thank You.

Thank you for sharing this information!


Key Principal: Nathan Daulton Nathan Daulton, Notary Public in Payson, AZ 85541

Industry: Automobile rental, with driver , Computer related consulting services , Notary publics , Video production

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I guess I am one of those notaries that has “fallen through the cracks” as I have not been paid for 3 loan signings at $100/each that I completed for Jellyfish in August, September & October 2022.

I was torn about posting my negative experience with Jellyfish on this forum because I have been an NSA for 11+ years and never had another company not compensate me for completed signings. However after sending more than a dozen emails and leaving 7-8 phone messages for Jellyfish, the only response I received was, “We will look into this.”

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I had a Saturday seller’s package for Jellyfish. I made a special trip to the shipping company to make sure Title would have the documents on Monday. I forgot the scan back. I was given a scathing phone call over this oversight and my fee was reduced $25. I was NEVER hired again. I recently bumped into a signing agent at FedEx. We were talking about the business in general and she mentioned that Jellyfish owed her for multiple signings. It looks like I don’t have to feel bad for being dropped by a company that seems to be unable to pay notaries. Sometimes bad things happen for a good reason.

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“We will look into this”, is the exact same response I got from him…and then nothing. I have 7 jobs with him waiting remittance with 6 now over due. This guy seems to be only out for himself.

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@jlarsen.notarysf Thank You for sharing your update with the Notary Cafe members.

Wondering if you gained any traction with your efforts of filing the complaint . . .

From Signing Order:

“If we get complaints about the same company from multiple different notaries, we look into the situation to ensure that the notary was in fact NOT paid and then if they are habitual non-payers we have been known to remove them from the platform.”

I have still not been paid but per their response…PLEASE EVERYONE who has not been paid by Jellyfish Signings, REPORT REPORT REPORT!!!


@jlarsen.notarysf Thank You for sharing your update with the Notary Cafe members.

P.S. You may want to take a few minutes and review the threads for this business entity & send direct messages [DMs] to the other Professional Signing Agents [PSAs] who also haven’t been paid and specifically provide them with the recommendation from Signing Order so they know how to REPORT their direct experiences as well.


Hey! Notary here in Columbus Ohio. I completed a signing for this company in December of 22 and have not received payment. I have called and sent emails this week. I was unaware that there was such a big issue until reading this thread. Now I am wondering if I will ever get paid.

All 7 of my last signings with him are all now overdue and the only response I’ve gotten thus far since his “We’ll look into it” in December has been his one tactless reply here on this thread.

Sorry this happened to you too and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area I have not seen any Jellyfish orders sent out through Signing Order for a few weeks now, so I’m hoping they’ve put a stop to him doing this to others and finally kicked him off the platform but maybe he’s putting out orders elsewhere?