WARNING: Hire notary. Com

What Do you guys think is this a legit company ? Has anyone done business with them? Thank you for any input.

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Hire Notary is just ramping up their pay-us-for-nothing campaign. You send in some money and they never, ever send you any jobs at all. I fell for this a couple of years ago and they just hit me up again. I told them where they could go. Not a legitimate company.


Thank you Bobby for your response! I am blocking them from my emails! Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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Yep! Hire Notary was all in my emails a few months ago and i kept ignoring them. They recently started back up. Also, beware of GoSingingAgent.com. They scammed me.

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Thanks, I think I was scammed already by gosignng.com! Thanks for your replies! Those Jerks! :rage:


FYI: Threads for GoSigningAgent .com


Thank you for tha Bobby, I was going to use them. I am a new notary and am looking for notary work.

The constant emails from this marketing are so damn annoying.

UsaSigningagent.com is another culprit.

The top Notary Public listing sites and the top platforms for Notary Public loan signing agents do not send out emails begging you to join. Send those begging emails to your spam folder & then delete.

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I did a lot of research on this company and it is definitely a fraudulent company. I have reported them to the FTC.


I paid and they NEVER sent anything. I emailed and asked what the deal was. They sent an “automated” response. I told them to delete me and DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY RENEW!! I’ve not heard from them since. It is a total SCAM!


Yes! I feel like I get one or two from them every dang day!

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Absolutely a scam!! They got me for 40 bucks too!! Literally the first time I didn’t research!!! Unreal!!

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Annoying constant emails.