WARNING: My Mobile Closer - Non Payment - Notaries Beware

This company does not pay it’s notaries or respond to inquiries about payment. I did a signing for them 12/4/2020 with terms stated as NET 30. To date I have not been paid. I have inquired several times and get no response back. The emails you send get an automated response stating they will get back to you but they never do.

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Call their scheduling phone number and then ask for accounts payable. Document the phone calls. They maybe slow payers so you have to light a fire under them for payment.

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Such a shame to even have to do that.n

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My Mobile Closer, Had a bad incident with an employee.
It was handled within the courts.
They do pay!
The best way to resolve your concerns is to call.
I was paid on time and doc came in fast.

Thanks for the information, but I still won’t work for them. You should not have to but that much effort into getting your payment.


Thanks for letting me know. A red flag was $125 for 20 page seller package. No one pays that amount, I had to check the out. Thank you!

I normally get paid this amount for Seller package.

Well I am experiencing a non payment with My Mobile Closers. over 60 days past due and I get the run- around that the owner isn’t available, or she is out doing loan closing. she wont even respond to my emails. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND UNACCEPTABLE!!!

I’m experiencing the same issue with My Mobile Closer. Completed signing in December 2020 and haven’t been paid. They have not responded to my email that I sent to their accounts payable.

Did you ever get paid from them.

Did you ever get paid from them?

Yes I did! She responded immediately after I looked her name up on a website. I found her personal email address and left a professional, detail message on the consequences of her breaching the contract.

Okay good to know…Hopefully, I won’t be asking you for a copy of that email…

Wait, they finally paid 1 year and 3 months later only after to chased them down? Yikes! Wow…

I was paid by My Mobile Closer. It took close to 60 days to receive payment.

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Can I get that email address from you my invoice is now 45 days old. I called and spoke to the owner who told me to send a second invoice to accounts payable and I did and no response. I’m not interested in playing with these people and will not accept another assignment from them.

Send a final email with the explanation of the amount due and how many days past due and the terms of the agreement to be paid. Also tell them you have reached out to the title/ escrow company with a NAME(S) that were in document attached and they have 24 hours to respond with proof of payment sent out. I promise you will get a positive response and your check within 7 days!


After 2 calls 4 emails my check came in mail today. Although they pay well I don’t have the time or energy to chase a company down for payment. I will not be accepting any future assignments from them.

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I wanted to let you know that I did receive an email from the owner. She shared with me that they do not have a full time person in the accounting department and apologized for the delay in sending payments out.