WARNING: Non-Payment A Step Above Signing Service

I’ve investigated A Step Above Signing Service, I don’t care if she comes onto this forum to say she pays her notaries, fact is, that she doesn’t. I am glad her doors shut down. She took advantage of us working people to do signings and did not pay. Don’t bother taking a pic of e-check you sent me, its a fake. I did a signing with her in May 2021, its now August. I sent her MULTIPLE emails, either she didn’t respond or said that signing was paid. This was never the case.


I am in the same boat as you. I did a signing for her on April 22, 2021 and still have not been paid. She sent me a copy of a check and I did a snip of what echecks I have received this year and her check was not in there. I did however contact the new company Sign With Tattz, Jackee Garmon, and they are going to check with her. I guess I can say that this is one that I will not be paid for.


Same here but I did receive a check finally, though she’s very nice you are correct… I too received a picture of a check and I quick logged in and circled the “0” in checks and asked are u really going to show me something pending? That night I received it… I think it was 79 days later…

Yep!! And she posted saying that signings with tattz isn’t her new name, however, if you look up your old signings with her, it says signings with tattz tadaaaa! A liar.

Yes, she’s a liar. People should know that she’s not trustworthy. Companies that hire her should know that she doesn’t pay her notaries, I will be keep putting it out there!

If I had a seriously delinquent payment like this, I would waste no time contacting the title, escrow, and lender for the loan you signed and let them know the shoddy way their transaction was handled by this fraudulent signing service owner. All are listed on page 5 of the closing disclosure.


I finally got paid! After countless emails, and contacting the lender too :grimacing:…I am not one to complain, or try to blacklist anyone. I have a family to support, I did the work and drove miles to do a job. All I expect is to get paid for what was agreed on.

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Ahhhhhhhh what did the lender tell you?

I have a question…I posted a couple of weeks ago about not getting paid from this company. I only log the name of the notary company and not the title company or lender. We are told to delete all information from our computers after we close so only have what is logged in my notary book. How do I go about finding this information out who the title company or lender was for my signing in April.

Hi Deborah, you might want to send Angie/Julie (sign with Tattz) another email. I worked with Julie, she was the person who actually responded to my last email and finally got paid,
I’m not sure how you can find out the lender information, I just happened to have their information because we could not contact the buyers so I was included on the email when ask for alternative phone number.
I hope you get paid. We get our part of the work done, which is a lot, the right thing for them to do is pay us for our work.

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Thank you for your reply. I did contact Julie last week and she was going to reach out to Angie. I emailed her again last night to see if she received a reply and as of now have not had a reply from her either. This is really frustrating! We get our work done and back to them on time and they take advantage of us. smh

Check your recorder’s office for the recorded security instrument (hopefully your state is online with all that as it’s public record).

Thank you Linda. It looks like they will charge me for this information and I don’t want to pay for something that I should have been paid for.

I did however do some research and found out that we have a recycle bin on our computer and all deleted documents go there. I went into the recycle bin and was able to find the document and retrieve it. I now have the lender and title company name and I just sent an email to the title company and will follow up with an email to the lender.


Make sure you include Angie and Julie to email. They will definitely get back to you.

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In your opinion do you think what she’s doing is misleading?

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I definitely think it’s misleading. I had a Jackee call me back from Signings with Tattz and she said she would contact Angie. By the looks of this Angie and Jackee are either the same person or they are both in it together.


Thank you for this information. Is this a recent signing?

Thank you. The email has been sent and waiting on a reply.

This photo was taken last morning month