WARNING: Non-payment - Jellyfish signing

So jellyfish wanted to handle this privately, like a real business. I sent him all the invoices and 21 days later still nothing. I have no choice but to take this to the next level.

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@Sharca50 So sorry to read about your direct experiences with this business entity.

There are a few threads on that business. Here is the page that lists those threads. If you review the threads, there may be some helpful insights within them.



Also, here is a post that lists a Step-by-Step plan for successful receipt of payment for the professional services you’ve provided:

Hope these suggestions are helpful & productive.


I’m sorry you also have to experience this with this company but I would definitely you have to give up on your word that you did after so long of doing sending emails and talking to the title company in and finally I get paid after I I call the client directly and I informed them about what’s going on and they send the payment right within five minutes I get my payment Nathan the owner called me and say he will not do any more business with me

Thank you for sharing your experience. Hahaha he told you he cut you off from doing future business with him? Did he really did he think there was any danger you’d try to click on jobs so that you could again not get paid? It’s sad that someone feels it’s ok to resort to these kind of predatory business practices. Unfortunately, in the end not only will the escrow offices blackball him but all the notaries will as well. So because of his greed, he will end up making far less money than if he had just played it straight.