WATCH OUT! Has anyone heard of

I just got a call from this company saying that they’re a referral service and that they’re paying $220 for loan signings. Sounded great until he wanted me to give him my credit card to pay for ID Verify. I declined and told him I wasn’t comfortable so he offered to send me a link to do it myself, the link was to his website and clearly wasn’t what he had told me. It’s only $1 per month for what I’m not really sure - just be aware and be careful who you give your personal info and credit cards too.


I am so glad you brought this up, I came on to ask about this specifically. I received a call from them too, and they sound like a dream come true and was was very excited but basically what they are is another internet marketing site looking to charge a bunch of of money to market your website. The leads they speak of is not directly from title or loan companies. Basically a high priced Thumb tax or FB advertising company. Very annoying.

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Hi I just checked with the BBB and they are not certified by them. The following is a complaint that I have copied and pasted:
This website markets ad space for lawyers looking for more business. They have called our law office every single day for almost 2 months straight now. Every single time they call I tell them we are not interested and to take us off the call list. I have been very clear that we are not interested and yet they still call every single day. We have never purchased anything from their website or contacted them for any purpose, so these are strictly marketing calls directed towards our firm. I cannot block their phone number because they call from a different phone number each time and we cannot sign up for the do not call registry because we are a business. All we want is for the calls to stop.

Very smart of you for not giving them your credit card info. I hope this helps everyone!

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(CA) Any firm that has to say in their nameplate that they are “Impressive” probably isn’t. That’s like the highway diner with the sign “Good Food” above their door. If you have to convince me the food is good, well. . .

Law firms should be easy to check out. The local Bar Association can give you all you need to confirm a firm’s quality. If it looks like you could do a lot of business with a law firm you’ve never heard of, I’d suggest you take the time to make an appointment to visit them, develop a contact/relationship, demonstrate your value and skills and work out details such as compensation, timing, delivery of completed documents, expenses, etc. If you can’t locate them or they decline your offer to get together, move on.
Oh, and never, ever pay any law firm any amount for leads or for “registering” with them unless they are extremely well-known and you get something tangible and worthwhile in return. Not even $1.

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The “Just give me your credit card number to verify…” requests are super RED FLAG. Gutsy scam. But obviously they must have some success with brand new signing agents.

Reminds me of all the VOIP (computer) phone calls I receive from people trying to sell me a “front page listing” on Google, or claiming to be from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol or from Windows Security Department, or from Social Security claiming my SSN has been cancelled. All asking or threatening/demanding $$$. Even those really generic and vague notary requests that say “we have a signing in your area, what are your rates?” with a scammy out of country return email address. CROOKS, CROOKS, CROOKS, and more CROOKS.

Look at the “contact us” page on the ImpressiveLawyers website LMAO!

“Operating a top law practice in San Francisco, California is a wonderful experience. The annual earned income in San Francisco is $19904. This provides a reliable income base and need for top quality lawyers and legal professionals. The typical home in San Francisco is worth $unknown and has 1 rooms. San Francisco and the nearby area has a total population of 374 people. This also gives lawyers and law firms a thriving community to serve. If you are requiring a best in class law firm or legal practice please search our website to find the best professionals in your city.”
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Actually much worse than that. It’s a total scam. I recommend reporting/blocking their number.

(CA) "The lady doth protest too much, methinks " from Hamlet.

If the company is so impressive, you and they have nothing to worry about if there are skeptics on this forum. Many of us old-timers have seen 'em come and go and watched the unsuspecting get burned. If it works for you, fine. The advice coming from the pros is look before you leap. Jeez.

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If it’s so “legit” how come all the notaries sooooo in favor of this company just joined the forum just minutes ago. And, what kind of signings are they giving you that are so wonderful, anyway? I smell a rat.

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Nobody is dragging anyone down. Why are you so offended by an opposing point of view? How does that negatively affect you? There’s no cancel culture here. Go have a good time with your new-found friends and make a lot of $$. I could not care less. But you’re not foolin’ the experienced notaries who read this forum.

OMG, I just visited the website. Their slogan is “Work with the Best Law Firm in the World”. Wow, that is impressive. It’s a little difficult to ascertain the kind of lawyers they are, actually. I wonder what kind of notary work they are so wonderfully offering to earn such glowing reviews. I think somebody is selling woof tickets here.

Just did some more checking and it seems this firm does want the notary to provide credit card information and possibly some fee payment. DON’T DO IT, friends. This whole thing has bad news written all over it.


Every person posting on this thread just joined Notary Cafe within minutes of their first posting glorifying Impressive Lawyers. Every one! Go peddle your baloney somewhere else. Nobody does that. Nobody just jumps on a chat room and starts telling everyone what a super-duper thing they found. Nobody. With graphics and everything! What do you get out of it, anyway? More business? So many defenders of a company who claims to be the world’s best and yet has a website that looks like it was put together by chimps.

Y’all are an offshore scam group preying on weak notaries. Pay attention everyone. See the warning signs. Notice the sentence structure, the defensive posture, the non-responsive statements. No indication of what kind of signings, what they pay, what they want from the notary (besides money and private information). Just unsubstantiated accolades. I’ve been down this road too many times.


Good early catch! Read this thread for five minutes of fun. What a scam!!

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You couldn’t be more wrong. I have nothing to do with Notary Rotary or Rotary Notary or whatever. I’ll get my signings where I choose and avoid Impressive Lawyers like the plague. You’re trying too hard, dude.


I’m afraid you’re pi**ing up a tree. Your defense of a company is so obtuse.

I’m very, very, very old. Why evoke the name of the Lord to get me to stop? I’m not hurting anyone. Show me the good Impressive Lawyers has done. It’s all rubbish and you cannot prove a thing. My proof that you’re all scammers? It’s in every post you write. It’s not hard to see. Go away.


I wish you well. Anyone who reads this thread will understand what’s going on here. My reputation on this forum is quite good so I’m not worried about you or what you’ll do. You go ahead and waste your time and efforts. I have better things to do and I tire quickly of being combative. Only fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

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Hello Amanda, welcome to Notary Cafe. I see you joined about an hour ago. Lots of good information here. I wish you good luck.

If you read my post where I pointed out valid red flags on their website. Although I would not consider working with a company like this, to each their own.
Hey… Welcome to Notary Cafe. I see you joined about 2 hours ago and spent a couple minutes reading. I hope you and Amanda continue. Lots of good information to be had.

I think I am going to throw up.


Google their website and poke around for a while. See how “Amazing” they really are.

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:rofl: Sorry to break it to you, but that is just ONE GIANT THUMB. For that, I give you two thumbs down:
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Look, @kunitchiwa5/Darren G… or whoever you are, you realize of course that your Notary Cafe profile pic is borrowed? stolen? from some other guy named Oliver Robey (Oliver Robey, Author at SmallBizClub) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

NO NOTARY and NO LAW FIRM on the planet would agree for a listing on a site only to have random stock images of one of two guys in freaking APRONS as their online profile image. Even the so called “featured” businesses have the same pics of dudes in aprons. Same two smiling guys in aprons on every. single. page listing. That is just freaking hilarious. I highly doubt any of the business owners listed there even know that their businesses have been listed on a site with rando profile pictures and bizarre city data on their “contact us” pages:

“Operating a professional law practice in San Francisco, California is a fulfilling experience. The annual income in San Francisco is $19904. This provides a strong tax base and need for top quality lawyers and legal professionals. The average home in San Francisco is worth $unknown and has 1 rooms. San Francisco and the surrounding area has a population of 374 people. This additionally gives lawyers and law firms a thriving community to serve. If you are in need of a top rated law firm or legal practice please search our directory to find the best providers in your area.”