What do companies expect you to know?

I am about to become a loan signing agent and I’m learning what certain documents are in a loan packaging. I have to say I’m very intimidated by all the details you have to memorize and be versed on all the different loans there are and each document in those loan packages. Is it really necessary to know all of them perfectly? When applying to companies do they drill you on which documents need to be in a certain package? In an interview what do they expect you to know?

Oops, sorry Gloria, glad you didn’t see the deleted post! I saw the big green “G” at first glance I thought you were “GreenHunter”, another poster who just like to mess with us. But I think your post is genuine.

Sadly, the problem is that there is “over training” out there, that’s being pushed for things nobody needs to know HOW to explain - meanwhile, there are things you just need to “know”.

Keep in mind your only TRUE job is to verify identity and to watch the clients sign, date and initial the paperwork. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s smart to have a “one liner” describing the document they are about to sign. Nothing more than that, really. I’ve had Escrow Officers I have met ask me to tell them a few ways I present a document and a few “what if your client asks you” questions.

Signing services don’t interview you (at least none that I have worked with).

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