Where to find jobs?

Hello, I am Jarette and I am new to working as a Loan Singing Agent. I am currently listed on snapdocs but unfortunately, it has been dead on that platform. What are other popular platforms you use to find jobs?

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You’ll need more than one platform to get business. Of the 140 Title Companies, lenders, attorneys, and signing services I have about 6 that are consistent in sending me business. Keep in mind there’s been a significant decline in closing since the Refi Rush of 2020.


Hi mjarette,

Welcome to Notary Cafe! By far your best source of signings will be local title companies. Just Google “Title companies in (your area)”, then go visit them, bring some donuts or munchkins, and bring some of your business cards. Most title companies of any size are quite receptive to signing agents, and if you visit one or two per day, and follow up via phone, email and in person at least weekly, it won’t be long before you have some good, high paying business.

If you’re brand new, you might want to get a few signings under your belt first, though. For that, I’d recommend signing up with both Signing Order and The Closing Exchange. Signing Order is a platform like Snapdocs, and there are dozens (at minimum) of signing services that use it.

You can also sign up with signing services directly. A few off the top of my head are:

Coast 2 Coast (aka C2C)

Premium Closing Solutions


Servicelink (they require 40-50 signings, but you can rack those up quickly).

Signature Closers

And that’s a very, very partial list. There are literally hundreds of nationwide signing services and title companies that work with notary signing agents directly.

Also, make sure you have a complete free profile everywhere you can, starting with Notary Cafe (my $5/mo. Pro membership has paid for itself many times over - I have gotten multiple $150-$200 signings from title companies that have found my profile on Notary Cafe).

And nothing against Snapdocs, but I’m on Snapdocs, too, and if it weren’t for one title company that gives me a lot of signings via Snapdocs, it would dead for me right now, too. But I’m signed up with all the companies mentioned above - and between all of them, and relationships I’ve developed with title companies directly, I have a steady clip of business (in the first two weeks of August I’ve made more than in the first two weeks of any other month, so far).

All the best!


There’s one at signingorder.com. You can look on their job board, instead of waiting for a text. The first 10 responses are free, but you can increase it to 30 per month for $3.69/monthly or unlimited for $5.49. I signed up for the $3.69 plan. Since I’m new, I figured it would be worth it, at least for a few months. I haven’t received any of the jobs I responded to, though. What seems odd to me is that they post an hour late; for example, a job may show up at 9:37am, yet it says it was posted at 8:37am. I plan to contact the company about it.

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I am on signing order and paid the unlimited monthly fee. I too noticed the disparities, I’m thinking the listings are based on Pacific time zone. I love the idea and literally live on the site however I have not been selected for any of the requests I responded to but one, and it’s ONLY because buyers requested a Spanish speaking notary. In my experience it appears there are favorites already established which makes it hit or miss for me.

I’m a new signing agent as well. I’ve been getting orders from The Closing Exchange, but every time I click on them, someone else has gotten them. So far I haven’t done my first signing yet. It’s been frustrating but it hasn’t even been a full two weeks yet. I’m trying to remain patient but I do want to gain some experience.

I signed up for the closing exchange today pending approval. A lot of times companies have preferred notaries, however there is a lot of work to go around.
No one said this to me when I started but some signing companies will put a ding next to your name if your name other companies can see if you make mistakes. The key to being successful in this business is direct signings; also knowing what you are doing and not making any mistakes, knowing your paperwork and getting it right because that WILL prevent you from future assignments. I worked for a developer/private investor for 10 years closing loans for a mobile company. I took the LSS course and NSA and thought I got this…BUT I learned it is NOT a one size fit all…You have to get familiarized with all the different companies documents as well as read/know their different instructions thoroughly.
I was such a mess when I took my first signing it was a last minute disaster I took on; I thought to myself no wonder the other notary did not show up. Key is to take your time and read the documents prior to your appointment. If I had to do it all over again I would definitely shadow another notary on a few assignments maybe even as a signature witness first to get the hang of it, because Ive come across a lot of different documents I did not see in my LSS course. [quote=“mcclendonleria, post:6, topic:24641, full:true”]
I’m a new signing agent as well. I’ve been getting orders from The Closing Exchange, but every time I click on them, someone else has gotten them. So far I haven’t done my first signing yet. It’s been frustrating but it hasn’t even been a full two weeks yet. I’m trying to remain patient but I do want to gain some experience.

I am glad I actually started following this forum. It has been very beneficial to me and would like to help others where I can.

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thank you for this! it’s good to hear about other’s experiences before I have my own. Who gave you your first signing? I’ve signed up with quite a few signing services but so far, i’ve only received orders from The Closing Exchange and Signature Closers. I have not been assigned to any of them yet though.

Thank you everyone for your comments. I will be signing up to the platforms mentioned and hopefully get more offers. I am glad I have this form for guidance!

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It may take a little bit but don’t be discouraged. I started my company in December and fully established in January /February and my first signing wasn’t until March. I was so excited but nervous about my first opportunity which was with J Lowe Diversified thru Notary Cafe. Because I stepped in on an order 1 hour after the assigned notary did not show we immediately established a relationship and she offered me my second on that call. Then she started calling me directly with orders.
I refused one because of the distance and I never heard from them again. I’m certain first time user error played a huge part, but I also experienced a lack of proper follow up and professionalism which explained the (two)** star rating. Like I said earlier as a beginning signer, if you don’t know what you are doing business will be slow, and I also wasn’t aware of all the companies I could sign up with either. Therefore I was only on signing order and Notary Cafe/ Notary Rotary and Snap docs.
Thank you to the persons who commented Notary Rotary’s company list, I’m in the process of signing up with many more companies. woof, is it time consuming!!! Yes but a rewarding experience.
Overall I am happy I made the slight change in path I chose mainly because I wanted the flexibility of making my own schedule after 10+ years in housing and mortgage industry. I grew tired of the 9-5 managing and answering to others. I still consider myself a newbie being full time now eager to become a pro. I am also juggling my Real Estate studies in the process of obtaining my license.

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Regarding the time disparities, I’ve gone into my profile and changed my time zone to see if that helps, but it hasn’t. I’ve contacted them three times about this, but only received one reply, and it was an answer to a question I didn’t even ask. I’m about ready to give up on them.
I hope you have better luck with them than I’ve had.

I have been very fortunate with CX Closing Exchange which is where I get most of my signings now.
However I have lost ALOT of orders due to how quickly the order get picked up between the time I receive SMS respond and no longer available.
Any advice, Is there something I am missing? Do I need to download their site app for the apple device that allow notifications to come through quicker? If so how do I go about doing that for companies like Service link, CX Closing Exchange, Fass?

Hi, the Closing Exchange from my understanding does this with newbies. I’m in the same boat. I get lots of signings from them but I miss them each time, no matter how fast i accept. Its rigged to go to preferred notaries first. If they don’t accept, you have to fight with other newbies to get the signing. Its annoying and I have not done one signing from them. I don’t get the point of having an account with them tbh.

Good to know. Thank you for the insight, MCC.

This answer is one of the best and most straight forward answers… I agree but keep in mind, quality over quantity

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