Where to get $100,000 E&O

Does anyone know where to get an E&O? I’ve been told to look for travelors, but haven’t had luck getting someone on the phone. Any other suggestions?

(CA) Merchants Bonding Company has a one-year $100,000 Notary Public Errors And Omissions Policy for $156.00. Phone 800-876-6827

I strongly recommend the $100K policy. Most signing services look for that amount. Newbies often buy only $25K and complain that they don’t get many jobs. Their E&O policy low coverage amount is sometimes why they don’t get more jobs. JMO

Thank you for the info.

You should also be able to get the E&O through NNA. Might save a couple bucks, too.

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My understanding with the NNA is if you don’t buy their E&O it won’t be listed on your profile automatically - you’ll have to include it in the short bio you have - at least that’s how it used to be

Also, @reliabletrustit - be aware your certification and BGC are only good for a year

Good luck

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I only get mine through NNA, E&O is with Merchants Bonding Company. I buy it once, good for 4 years!

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I only have a $ 25.000 Dls. E&O Coverage,no need to get more, probably TC’s and SS’s I am working for trust me, $ 100.000 Heck no!