A Guide to Notary travel fees across the United States

Just want to share what I got from NNA today! I’m sure most of you got the same email but I thought I’d post it here just in case!

I see that California is tops at $15 for ack’s and Jurats. Everyone else is less. My feeling is $25 per is reasonable, especially with todays prices. Geogia is $2 for most things…what century are they living in?

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(CA) California tops the list because it costs so darn much to do business here. Gas this morning for premium (which is what I must use) was $6.29. Notary supplies cost an awful lot. Many SS are cutting fees. Whew!

I don’t know about y’all, but here’s some other random prices we must contend with in my goofy state: bacon $16.99 a pound; four russet potatoes $5.45 (more than a buck per lousy potato!!!; used to cost .35 each and that was a lot); two dozen golf balls (I ran out) $64; car wash $25; dinner (meat and potatoes and veggie) for 2 with NO alcoholic drinks and NO sodas (just water) $125 before tip.

Now it may sound like my wife and I live large given the things I’ve listed, but keep in mind, we both work (I’m the part-time notary) and we do alright and we’ve saved a buck or two so we could enjoy the last third of our lives. So if I want to get my car washed, so what. I’ll even eat bacon whilst I do it :innocent:. But not at these prices!

So, for once, I completely agree with JohnM-FL, at least about the notary fee maximums in most states. No wonder so many people outside of California eschew GNW. Can’t make any money. I do OK with GNW and will try hard to leave all but my favorite SS behind as this year progresses. That decision is probably being made for me, anyway. Didja see the stock market today? And at least two more “sharp” interest rate hikes on the way. Everyone will be squeezed at both ends.

There’s a change coming. Fasten your seat belts.


Im glad Oklahoma does not regulate travel fees.

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