A Signer With A Gun

Whaaat!!! Where? When? What happened?

You’re gonna have to click on the article for more information. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep. I just figured that out. This happened in 2015, but is still relevant today.

I am more worried about signers lying about having Covid rushing to get a lower interest rate. I am new and have done a few signings and they all agreed to set up in their garage, but someone may soon object. I wear a mask and gloves. I bought a faceguard, but that keep steaming up when I put my reading glasses on.

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Can never be too careful even with Covid-19. I’m just going to keep my card table and 2 chairs in the trunk and do signings in their front yard from now on if it’s at the signers home.


I think she handled that well. She defused the anger by being calm and helpful. I’ve dealt with signers who have had terrible experiences with loan and/or title companies and feel so frustrated and irrelevant that I would assume that he needed to feel like someone was on his side for a change.

Since I wasn’t there and can only imagine the dynamics and his demeanor, it’s hard to say for sure, but I think I’d have notified police, if nothing else, as a kindness to others who might cross his path with worse results.

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I guess for me this is where my acting skills would’ve kicked in. I would have lied and said “oh I’m sorry I left your check in the car, I’ll be right back” and would have jumped in my car and then sped off and called the police​:joy::joy::joy:


How do you all feel about conceal carry by a Notary?


I think if you can so so legally and have the knowledge and skills to be safe, it’s fine. It seems that some signing service agreements prohibit it, so that’s something to consider. I usually keep a handgun in my car, but personally I usually avoid carrying a gun into someone’s home without their knowledge and that’s not something I’d want to disclose at a signing.


Had never heard this story but I agree… more worried about covid… cant recall how many times even before covid I showed up to a house where a singer was sick.