A Step Above Signing Service

I did a signing for Angie back in June it as a disaster! Took 5 hours …absolutely insanity!!! I should have backed up my stuff and Walked out!:woman_facepalming:t2: Anyway!!!

I still haven’t gotten paid and I have sent several emails. They were due last week. I have ready that this company sometime
Doesn’t pay at all.

Any advice? How should I proceed! At the time This was only my 3rd signing … Sooooo it’s been a learning experience!

Thanks in advance!

Ooh Mercy…I am doing a signing for her this afternoon. Wonder if I should write her and say something along the lines of “I took this signing, but honestly, you do not have the best reputation out here. If anything gets squirrely, I’m out.”

Can you ask for 7 day turn around on payment? Or heck, even day of??



She has sent me two emails that she already sent it and I have told her I haven’t received it.

I did 2 signings back in March and April and still haven’t been paid. I’ve sent emails and NO response whatsoever. I will definitely not work with this service again.

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Well guess what didn’t happen today…oh well… moving along.

So she emailed me my
Check after multiple emails
Back and forth. Hope it clears!

Same here. Did a signing June 22nd. She told me check had me issued and chastised me for accusing her of not paying her bills. She then created an invoice and back dated. But no echeck attached. As of today I still haven’t gotten paid

how many times did it take before you received check?

About 8 emails over the last three week

hi what company is this so I can not go with them I do not want to work for free