A360 inc Express Notary

I am new here as well as a new NSA.
Has anyone ever heard or worked with a360 inc Express Notary Service?
Thank you.


I’d love to know what your experience has been. I’ve been receiving alerts from A360inc Express Notary and unfortunately, some offers are out of STATE, and out of my territory. They don’t allow me to negotiate rates and the offers are very low.


I get notifications from them too, and yes the offers are very low. However, I recieved a call from their scheduling department (Kathy) she asked how much would I charge for a reverse mortgage in another town same state … I told her my fee, she called me back and said it had been approved and she was sending me over the order… I ended up calling them back because I had not gotten the email this went on for next 10 minutes and couple different email addresses later… still nothing. She said she didnt know what was going on. I was confused so I sent myself an email and had a couple other people send me an email to the addresses I had given her. It worked! finally, I went on their site and the offer was still posted for a very low offer I made a bid (the same one we agreed on), but no response, then shortly there after the order was gone. I have my thoughts as to what happened but I always try to give benefit of doubt and stay professional but this incident really bothered me. Today, I posted a thread to see if anyone else had has any experience with them and if so how was it.

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I just received an assignment. However my security system rejected the site for possible scam. What is your experience with this signing company

I am registered with them also. I have never received a notification. I just happen to have been on the site at the time when an offer pops up. Any assignments I bid for i never get, even if i bid to do the assignment for almost free.

I have been seeing pop ups saying i have notification or messages in my inbox, but have no idea who to actually get to them.

Any advice?

I used to do 10 to 20 a month before they got flight by a360. They were typical signings for refinances for $75-$100. Now, it seems all they offer a $40 loan modifications. I think I’ve done two for them this entire year.

I have done one for them in November but have yet to be paid. I am trying to contact them regarding this but have not been able to find a way to email them. I guess I am going to have to call.

@clarlm1059 Uncertain how current the following data is:

email for Express Notary Service => vendorrelations@expressnotary.com

Express Notary Service | 4063 Birch St, Ste 150, Newport Beach, CA 92660
websites => ExpressNotary .com AND SigningAgentSchool .com


Express Notary, CA aka Express Notary Service, powered by a360inc
Support Tel # 866.208.6330
Appears they have aka or partnership.

@clarlm1059 Took the string of characters after the “@” sign in the email address & entered it into a web browser; i.e., “expressnotary .com”. The result showed this website: " closeclear .com "

So, this may be an additional ‘partner’ or ‘subsidiary.’ On the Contact Us page it reflects the names for 3 separate companies:

Close Clear Notary
Close Clear Title
a360 Notary

NOTE: The contact information and “Corporate Headquarters Location” information is identical for all 3 business entities:

"Call Us: (844) 933-0555
Email Us: info@a360inc .com
Corporate Headquarters
102 9th Street, Suite 200
​San Antonio, TX 78215

afsnotaryservices@a360inc .com

M-F: 8:30AM - 5:30PM CST (844) 933-0555
COPYRIGHT 2022 a360inc"

I just wanted to reply, they only do payments electronically/ACH. If you’ve filled out the website (It’s another website that shows TheCloud and Acumatica) it will send through Stripe and you can re-invoice them there. I had issues getting the payment “released” as I was only accepting new vendors via check. But they do not issue checks I guess. Hope this info helps, I ignored the emails as they did not reference my order details for their company a360inc or Express Notary.

I have completed at least six signings for them since 2021, and I have had no trouble receiving payment. They do pay via ACH. In order to receive payment, you have to go on their website and upload scans and close out the signing. Make sure your credentials are up to date as well. I hope this helps!

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, your information was very spot on and I did get paid. thank you so much

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