A360inc. Is this company Legit?

Hello, has anyone done any work with this company and been paid out?

I get notifications from them often, and yes the offers are very low. However, I recieved a call from their scheduling department (Kathy) she asked how much would I charge for a reverse mortgage in another town same state … I told her my fee, she called me back and said it had been approved and she was sending me over the order… I ended up calling them back because I had not gotten the email this went on for next 10 minutes and couple different email addresses later… still nothing. She said she didnt know what was going on. I was confused so I sent myself an email and had a couple other people send me an email to the addresses I had given her. It worked! Prior, I asked her to text me the client info so I could at least confirm appointment while I waited on the email, her reply was “ok, I’ll send it now” again, nothing. Finally, I went on their site and the offer was posted for a very low offer I made a bid (the same one we agreed on during the call), but no response, then shortly there after the order was gone. I have my thoughts as to what happened but I always try to give benefit of the doubt and stay professional but this incident really bothered me. Today, I created this thread to see if anyone else had has any experience with them and if so how was it?