Has anyone heard of NOTARY NATION INC?

Has anyone received any text messages requesting a signing from NOTARY NATION INC? I had a VERY odd experience this morning from someone stating they were from this company asking me if I was available for an application signing at noon. I was available to do it at 11:30, so they text me back and wanted my email address. I couldn’t confirm the validity of this company on NR, so I tried to google the company and it showed it being registered as a CA company with no substantiated website. I tried to call the phone number and no one answered - I got a generic automated voicemail, nothing even mentioning a company. But then I got another text message asking if I could still do 11:30 so I asked them to call me. I received a call from a lady and she told me this was an application signing and they were waiting for the lender to find out if it was still going to happen. She wanted my email so she could send the confirmation. I gave her my email and when I never received any confirmation, I sent her a text message, at first she said they were still waiting for the approval from the lender to go out? Then she sent me a text that they will reschedule and call when updated, sorry!
It didn’t hit me until a little bit ago that when I asked her how she got my name, she said from the lender who gives her phone numbers to call and try to schedule, they get it from snap docs. If they used SnapDocs - then why didn’t they go through them? I also checked the phone number that she text/called me from and it is a Phoenix, AZ number - but the company is in CA?

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Anyone can do a very local search for a notary on SD. Once they have some info, they can probably get your phone # or some contact info thru other sources. I’d guess they were attempting to avoid paying SD’s fee and work direct.

I suggest getting the physical address of the company and complete name then log on to your state business license web site to see if they are legit. No license, no business.

You have very reason to be suspicious.

A lot of people get information on notaries from Snapdocs, which is legitimate.

However, the scenario you described sounds like they don’t have their stuff together. I would not work for the company unless I could verify from my notary cohorts that it’s a legit company, they have worked for the company, and the company pays.

Otherwise, it’s a big fat NO from me.

Are you in Sacramento area? I just got a text for an assignment from them for Monday

No, I am in Minnesota

I got a text from them today. They asked me if I could do a loan application signing for $45 with printing. I told them we charge $75 and they didn’t text back.

Yes … Bizarre! This is the 1st time an Agency agreed to meet my fee and then “negotiate backwards” … They offered 40 … I said 85 and we settled at 70. Thirty minutes later I received a text request for the fee to be 55. I refused the assignment. An hour later, a text arrived and now the fee was going to be 75! If a company conducts business like this, I am concerned.

Took a signing from them today, a complete waste of my time and money. Never again.

Looks like she is starting out…

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Oh my goodness! The way some of these companies conduct business is off the wall.

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Looks like she is very new to this business and doesn’t have a grasp on how to conduct business.

I wouldn’t chance taking a gig from a company this new…and no website.

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Has anyone accepted a Loan application for $45 from a company called Notary Nation Inc?

I don’t believe I read any posts here that someone actually accepted a closing from them. Will be interesting to read if they do, and how long it takes to get paid.

Please respond if you have received payment from Notary Nation Inc for a BCHH Loan Application…

I just thought I would add my two cents. I received a text yesterday for a VA IRRL Loan Application pkg no notarization. 88 pages with no mention of copy for the client. Best of all $45.00. It was not assigned so I receive another text about 20 minutes ago for the signing to take place in 40 minutes from now, which is an hour notice. Not to mention you have to drive in rush hour traffic plus you print out the documents.

I just received an updated text message with a different time and for tomorrow afternoon. However, they are still offering $45.00 fee. Curious to see if anyone takes it.

Again, I just wanted to pass on my two cents and hopefully if anyone else has updated or more information please post so we can get a feel for how this company works and their pay schedule.

I took a signing from them about 3 weeks ago and if was the VA IRRL Loan App. with the same pay. After the appointment and signing I followed up with an email a week later to see how everything went and no response. However, when I got the signing not only did I get a text, I also received a call from someone and we communicated good with one another, even after the signing on that day. The rep was very nice.

Hi! It appears the owner of Notary Nation Inc is also the owner of Sign Docs, which has a horrible reputation in paying people on time as well as low balling. Although I like the people from Sign Docs I constantly have to hound them to receive payment. I don’t expect Notary Nation to be any different.


I did a signing from Notary Nation Inc. I was paid as agreed 30 days out by echecks. They were friendly and responsive during the process. I didn’t negotiate the fee so I can’t speak to any negotiating. Just my 2cents.

Carla Davis

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I got a call from Notary Nation a few months ago. They said their clients eliminate the middle man, so the fee was only $45 for an application, but I would be dealing with title companies that would only work with me in the future. It was only an application, so I accepted it. I don’t know why I did because the whole time, I knew and kept saying, this is a scam. Payment did arrive, but it was almost 60 days out. I knew the minute I accepted it, that I would never accept another.