Accepting Low fees makes it Bad for other Notaries

I’m so sorry to have to say this. I know that there are some people out of work and some who are just struggling to make ends meet. So I don’t mean to be harsh when I say that when Notaries accept these low ball signings, like $40-$85 for a refi that requires faxbacks, is clear across town, at night and contains 200 pages, you make it bad for other notaries who are trying to hold our ground and be paid our worth. Notary 2 Go is the worst. However, there was one instance, where they weren’t able to fill a signing and they paid me for what I asked. This is how you do it!!! Know your worth Ladies and Gentlemen!! It will cost you more in ink, paper, time, gas and patience then the $40 these companies are paying you. They will keep paying you low everytime you accept their fees. Am I alone on this???


Well said!!! And no! You’re not alone… Regardless I’m practically new at loan signings, I’m not taking those low ball offers! And I stand by my fees, I’m not accepting $30 for loan mods or $75 for refinance or full purchase. Their prices don’t cover my expenses, and I hope more fellow notaries stand by the right fees!



Thanks!! That’s right! NO MORE LOW BALL OFFERS!!! If you knew what the agencies were being paid, you’d think twice about taking their low offers. Sometimes you have to stand for what you believe in to get what is right!


I agree! Many times, you don’t know what you going to get until you accept a signing. I note that most refinance may have150-200 pages (print 2 packages), two signers, 1-1.5 hours to complete the signing. I also consider my mileage, time to and from the signing, scanbacks and drop off at FedEx. Less than $125 is too low for this scenario.


You are so right i don’t think they understand that they can ask questions and negotiate their fees


I am a new SA but I’ve already declined several $30-$75 offers because that very obviously doesn’t sound worth while. But as a newbie I will say this… I don’t know what I don’t know. I am thankful for forums like this where I can see what is a reasonable rate for various types of signings.


I have been getting ones form Cost2Cost for $30 I did three I am new to this. Not till I was on here reading did I really do the math and notice that they are asking to print 2-3 copies for 15 pages, along with the drive. Now I truly get it, since then I have declined with the response of $40 per package that needs to be printed. Now im am not getting signing sent back to me, I believe I messed up since I did 3 for $30 each.


No, you didn’t mess up… it’s them who like to take advantage of newbies. They always look for new notaries to offer their insulting low ball offers.


By the way, other lenders pay $65-$100 for the ones you’re doing for $30


how long do they take to pay?

Between 30 and 45 days, sometimes longer :roll_eyes:

Well hearing that …,

2 copies at $30 pulse you have to drive to them then drive to Fedex and wait almost 45 to get paid. That’s wrong I see more now $30 is not worth it.
Question how do you guys respond back asking for more ?

Honestly!? They hardly accept any counter offer.
I’ve read in other posts someone mentioning that they always accept his/her counter offer to almost triple the original offer… and to be honest, either the person is VERY LUCKY or is baffling.

Great discussion! I often wonder of the quality that these companies are getting when they focus on quantity and not quality. Hmmmmm :roll_eyes:

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Opps! Almost forgot… for counter offer just answer “I can’t do it…” and it will give you a list of excuses. You can choose “offer is too low” and put the amount you want.
Good luck, and please let me know how it goes for you

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I agree with you 100%.I’ve noticed the same thing happening in my town. I’m fairly new at this too, but I have enough sense to know what I’m worth and what is a total waste of my time and the costs it takes to run this business. I’m not worried about raising my numbers with low offers as some other newbies are. I can raise my numbers just fine with higher offers.


I don’t leave my house for under $100. Some companies pay $150 which is more like it. You don’t always know what’s involved with the amount of notarizations involved. I’ve done a couple for WFG where they did pay me a little over $100, but the value of notary fees was $300.


I have received many of those notifications and for each one, I thank them for the notification and state that I will be happy to accommodate the signing for a higher fee. I have never received a response back to accept my higher fee. I am new to this and getting my feet wet, but I don’t feel that this means I need to do the job for free. That is what it would be after deducting costs. We all need to put food on the table. I wish you all the best success! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Live and learn. C2C likes to claim that they do not make “anything” on loan modifications (the $30 packages). However, at least two other companies I sign with pay $100. Therefore, either C2C is abysmally bad at negotiating their fees or they are just lying.

The package sizes vary only a few pages (lender specific docs - the total is usually around 20 pages), 3 copies are the norm (2 signed and returned, one for the borrower). In the dozen or so I have completed, the docs are always similar, because the program funding them is federal.

With the higher fees, the notary is generally responsible for tracking down the borrower and scheduling the signing. I don’t mind this - it lets me fit loan mods into my schedule as I please.

Ignore C2C. Loan mods are growing quickly. Suggestion for a newbie: Find a good company with a reasonable starting fee, do a couple to prove yourself, then negotiate up. I like FASS.


I have heard about FASS im trying to get on with them