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I know now that they have several warnings of non-payment from this company and I must add to this list. They are already over 90 days late in payment. I have sent them numerous emails and reminders of my invoices and got no response till I added the title company, lender and client to the email thread. I then finally get a response that the checks will be mailed to me. It has now been over 16 days since that conversation. Now I have been ghosted AGAIN!


As of January 1, 2023 ANP can no longer conduct business in Texas.

They are still conducting business did two signings for them 6/10 & 7/14 still waiting for the check. On 9/13 I emailed the Title Co., SOS, and Fidelity Compliance. On 915 he said the check would be mailed on Monday 9/18 still waiting. I now have his Name, SSN, SOS File #. I will wait a little longer before going back to the Texas SOS and Franchise Tax and Fidelity but be assured I will not stop until he pays or goes Bankrupt.

Why not report them to the Attorney General’s office in Texas?

For small players the Texas AG isn’t going to pickup charges. They’ll say its a civil matter not criminal, advising you to hire an attorney and file suit against them. What it comes down to, what I believe is a LLC that’s functionally bankrupt. Having no money there’s nothing to collect. Depending on how the LLC is setup you may not be able to suit the ‘owners’.

I’ll offer this advice to my colleagues, I understand the anger when a vendor you trusted didn’t pay for the services you’ve provided. I’m there with several SS who are no longer in business. There’s a point when attempting to collect becomes a fools errand. I’ll suggest that the NSA make a concerted effort, certified letters, phone calls, emails, etc… Once all practical attempts have been made it’s now a write down on your income and can be deducted from your taxes as a bad debt. You’ll still loose out on income, but this is the best of a bad situation.

I have a similar experience with ANP. According to them, my check has been “in the mail” since last Monday, I should have known better not to accept a signing from them, but decided to take my chances. My plan is to continue to hound them for my payment and make other notaries aware of their non-paying ways.

Just to follow up received the check 0n 9/23/23

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