Amrock signature affidavit for Chase

It says to stamp top and bottom on chase signature name affidavit. If has a spot for borrower to sign on top part but bottom part they don’t have any aka or his name or a signature line. Do I leave that blank?

If the customer doesn’t have an an additional aka name he/she is known by, I only notarize the top part. If they have an aka (also known as), they would indicate/sign the bottom part for the aka, and I would also notarize that signature.

I add aka if their ID reflects another name., I.E full middle name, initials ext… Bottom portion allows you to add names. I add a signature line and type their aka printed underneath, and have them sign. Call Amrock closing dept. to verify

That is a tricky form I wish Chase would reformat.

I have the customer sign in the blank space beside the word “signature”, if I remember correctly - I am not looking at the form right now.

I do the same thing…but also draw a black line and have the customer sign there. I notarize both top and bottom of the form. Chase needs to reformat!

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i ve been doing one notarization for the entire doc
for a few different banks including chase
its how the form is sent to me

if there is an additional aka not on the notary page ,I add it and initial

Sorry, came across this post and just felt the need to chime in. This is interesting. Been working with Amrock since Amrock became Amrock, and I never done that nor got flagged for it. If you are doing this, I would HIGHLY recommend the borrower do it “willingly” and not you yourself writing/typing it in there. The ONLY place (regardless of client) I put the actual name displayed on their ID (if different on the docs) is the Patriot Act form. Usually on the bottom half of the signature affidavit form, if there are AKA’s (which are pulled from tax returns and credit reports) that Chase is concerned about, Chase types them in there automatically, then have them sign. If its blank, then that tells me Chase didn’t find anything that concerns them and I don’t have them sign the bottom (hence why it says “IF required”). I personally do not voluntarily add anything to the docs it doesn’t ask for, especially on an “AFFIDAVIT”. On a side note, in regard to names, if their ID displays their name differently then what’s displayed on the docs, then I HIGHLY recommend you write the name as it is displayed on their ID on the additional info/comments section of the Patriot Act Form. If the lender or title needs that name anywhere else, that’s what the correction agreements and E&O disclosures are for that the borrower signs. IMO