Angie McCloud

Team Notaries, I know this has been a recurring topic, but I’m in search of new information about Angie McCloud and A Step Above Signing Service. I last spoke to Angie in July 21 on the phone, and actually collected on a Jan 21 Signing. She begged me to stay with her, and like a fool, I accepted another Signing. Well, 5 months later Angie has disappeared again. Her phone number doesn’t answer, she doesn’t respond to text messages, and she doesn’t respond to emails.
Can anyone offer recent experience with collecting from her and how?

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If you search here (magnifying glass, top right) you’ll find she posted here that she has shut her business down but will honor outstanding invoices.

No personal experience with Angie or her companies…just what I’ve read. You may find some good info in those threads you find in your search.

Good Luck

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There are myriad threads already present within the Notary Café database on your Subject.

The Search results on your Subject:

In another group she reported herself as dead
It’s outstanding that whoever interacts with her finds any credibility or integrity
She makes herself relevant for sure even if it’s absolutely insane …

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I did my due diligence in searching for recent posts for information. All searches yield most comments from 2020. This is why I’m posting for new information.

FYI: The May 9th & Sep 22nd referenced recent threads (noted above in the listing and displayed below) are from the current year, 2021.

Thank you all for your help. Many eyes are better than 2. I found new information from the links and screen shots you all shared. I am going to pursue the Signing with Tattz.

I’ve been digging through the internet to find Angie, and I came across another email address: I’ve sent an email message, now I wait for a reply.

Does anyone have her Facebook profile? My searches yielded hundreds of Angie McClouds.