Anyone else's business slow?

I haven’t been busy for the last three weeks! Anyone else been having this problem too?

In Portland OR metro it has been crazy busy!

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I’ve done 1 signing in about 2 months. Calls just started to pick up a little this week but so far only for pre-2pm timeslot…

It has slowed down a bit for me as well in Florida. I was doing 2-3 closings everyday, I’m down to 1-2 a day now.

It’s been very busy since April out my way (near Chicago).

Wishing everyone the best!

Since I became a member here I’ve only received two sign in and it was here lately in May & This past week. How do you guys get that many gigs? I just became a notary in December, any advice on how to make my profile more noticeable or market?

I have not gotten any signings since being sign up about 2 months now with Notary Café.

Things have been kind of slow here in Tampa Bay area. April was very slow, May was better and June has started slow too. Hope it will pick up

you have to keep networking, or they forget about you

This is a very unpredictable business. A company may call you a lot in one month, and then you don’t hear from them again in three months. You must keep networking all of the time. Make sure that you can take signing inquires over your phone. This is the new technology. They don’t call you on the phone anymore. Also they will drop inquiries in your email and you have to catch them. Your phone is your most important too to get signings through the text messages and emails. Phone calls are almost the thing of the past.


I am in the Houston area, things have slowed somewhat, but I suggest some of you who are not getting any work right now sign up with First American Signature Services, they are still calling me…

Things has been a little slow for me so far but I’m hoping June will be a better month for me. Wish me luck guys. Everyone stay safe and be blessed.

You can’t count on signings from signing companies as your main source of business. It takes a lot of hard work and hustle but you MUST market to title companies and builders to become their main notary, use this “slow” time to market. Use sources like Vista Print to make flyers and marketing postcards, send emails to escrow officers and their assistants and builders offices etc and stop by their officer and deliver them by hand. Even if a company has said they aren’t interested don’t give up, politely touch base with them every now and again. Trust me, one day they will be in a pinch and they will need you!! And when you do get a deal for them do an EXCEPTIONAL job and show them what a benefit it is to have you! Don’t get discouraged, it make take months for you to get a successful lead, but it is worth it!

Since you will be dealing directly with the title company you will get paid more (usually what the signing company would have gotten paid), you will get paid faster (usually within 14 days), if you are doing their in house signings you won’t have to customer’s houses (and we all know that conditions in some folks houses can be pretty nasty), you won’t have to print anything, you will usually work “regular” 9-5 hours and there will be some one right there in the office if there are questions or issues! I have one builder with 5 subdivisions in my area and a title company that uses me to do all of their signings. I have more signings that I can handle and I occasionally have to subcontract to other notaries. I make 25%+ more than I used to while doing fewer signings, the work is easier and I get paid faster!

Just to let you know, I used to be a mortgage loan officer and processor and I’ve been doing notary signings for over 8 years, so I am very knowledgeable and I have a lot of experience.


Great advice. I will work it. Pannewell

This is becoming more and more true. The only people who really seem to like using the phone anymore are telemarketers, primarily because it is cheap (everyone has free long distance calling now). Most of the calls are automated recordings though. I don’t mind them as much as when a live person calls, since I don’t have to feel guilty about hanging up on a recording.

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what I did was sign up with a few national notary companies and title companies - especially within my state. then business slowly grew for me. every year I notice an ebb of plenty then a slow down. this year ha been my slowest but its picked up a bit. and sign up with notary rotary so companies can find you

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Hi Ms Lewis, I found your information very refreshing and informative… I would love to be one of your subcontracted notaries… I’m sure I’m not in your area! Being a newbie sometimes we need a lil nudge in the right direction. Thanks

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Sign up with

I am in Chicago also. I am super slow! If i may, who are you getting signings from?

VERY slow lol.

But I had Jury Duty the past few weeks so I have been in Snooze Mode mostly :slight_smile: