Anyone had any experience with Notarized Inc

Have anyone receive any signings from Notarized Inc? What is their process? and have they paid on time?

Yes i have. just recently did a signing and it went well. received payment on the 15th of the following month.

Are they the same as Notarized LLC? I’ve dealt with Notarized LLC and absolutely love working with them. They pay well, let me schedule with the borrower for a time that works for all of us, never nags me to check in at every turn, and then pay many times within 30 days. If they are different, hope they are similar.

This company is horrible. They low ball, get upset when you refuse to take low ball offers, and if the signing falls apart at the table because of incorrect documents they try to cut your fee in half. I did not allow them to do that because in Tennessee the notary laws allow us to lien the home. So they tried to bully me into excepting half and when I refused they said they would not use me anymore. Been around 17 years this is the first and hopefully the last I hear of Notirized, INC out of CA.

Notarized Inc is owned by Omar Kubba. Same owners as National Loan Closings, runned by Omar and his brother. Corporation information as of 12/22/2016. Has anyone worked for this company since Omar took over?

I have had a few signings with them since this post, and haven’t had any problems with them.

I took a low ball fee and have been fighting for payment over 30 days now. The only reason I took a lower than normal fee was I really need the money for the holidays and well it still didn’t work out that way because I still haven’t been paid. That will be my first and last time working with that company.

Just got a blast from them to do a $40 sellers package. Wow I’m sorry I can’t do that. Of course my counter offer was denied :woman_shrugging:t5: