Anyone Worked With Traveling Signatures Lately?

Received a text from Traveling Signatures requesting services for a refinance. I’m not available at the time requested but I was curious if anyone had recently done work for them as I don’t see anything about them on here since 2016.

@texasnotepub Hmmm . . . this business entity isn’t registered with Notary Cafe (red flag).

There are only two other threads about this business entity and BOTH are about NON-PAYMENT (red flag).


Considering those two elements present about this business entity, plus the fact that there has been NOTHING in the forum threads at all (neither positive or negative) for nearly SIX YEARS (red flag) . . . . it would be a Hard Pass (based on this analysis).


How do I check if a service is a member of NC?

I read the 2 reviews (red flags) but wasn’t sure if perhaps it was a new company with the same name since those posts were from 2016. I wanted to check if anyone had recent experience with them.


I understood your query & current dilemma. :blush:

Those threads & posts were from 2016, 2017, & 2018 with nothing posted since those years, hence the reason I offered analysis.

No website or post results from a Google query on the name of this business entity . . . (another red flag)


The way one normally discerns Notary Cafe membership of a Signing Service [SS] is to “Register” on the business entity/SS website & if the Notary Cafe form is presented to populate - that confirms it OR just reach out to the Notary Cafe team members & query.


As we’re currently in very turbulent times regarding the proliferation of NON-PAYMENT scenarios . . . I strongly advise proceeding with CAUTION. Even if it’s a “NEW” business entity with a previously utilized SS name, there remains a substantial inherent RISK in accepting work from an unknown/untested SS.


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I have not received payment in over 4 months.

@bsuppan As previously stated above:

“No website or post results from a Google query on the name of this business entity . . . (another red flag )”

You’ll find this post quite helpful in the following thread regarding collection of your unpaid invoices. It’s a Step-By-Step Guide to collection: