Traveling Signature Signing Agency

Well here is another company unable to pay within a thirty day time frame, they are not even within a forty-five day turn around… It is most annoying to provide dependable notary service only to be put on hold to the signing agency discretion. I did a closing 11/2/16 and I have been advised payment will be processed 12/25/16 (on Christmas Day, I doubt that).

30-60 day payment is normal for at least 50% of the signing companies I deal with. My fastest turnaround is dealing direct with title companies. I spend a little time every day emailing my receivables over 30 days old. Many companies cut checks in the next month so there are times I know my pay is out 45 to 60 days based on their payment policies. Unfortunately your issue with TSSA is prevalent in the industry… .

Just keep sending emails. It took 4 months to get paid from a closing I did in December last year.

The only thing you can do is stop accepting business from signing companies that pay slow - if notaries keep accepting their business they will keep doing it. I have a one company that I know will “eventually” pay (between 45 and 60 days), but as soon as they hit 30 days I start sending them weekly emails and if they call me to schedule I let them know that I won’t accept anything else until they get up to date.

I disagree Stevelantz. Most companies do 30 days…some 45 and 60 is hardly ever in my experience. This company, Traveling Signatures states on the work order “We will pay…the last day of the following month”. So they are using our money for free for 60 days! Ridiculous!
I waited patiently for the the last day of the following month…2 months from the signing date…then waited 2 more weeks…with many phone calls text messages and rude, attitudes from Courtney in “Accounting”.
I called the acting title company and asked the agent to help me. She did send and cc me an email. I immediately got a very rude response…but then they said they will send me the payment via PayPal…very unprofessional company…I was paid minus 13.00 for the PayPal fee. I asked for the 13. of course they didn’t do that. So here I am telling you all to do yourself a favor and PASS ON THEM. They are on my slow pay list now, and will not work with them.

Something that has worked for me twice in the 18 years I have been doing this. Call the Escrow or Title company and speak to the acting agent from the assignment. They want you to be paid. It doesnt look good for them.
They immediately send emails and the company responds with payment within days!