ASAP Signing Services Inc

I’ve gotten a few request from ASAP Signing Service in the last 2 days. I haven’t accepted any because I thought I saw that they don’t pay. Can’t seem to find it now. Has anyone worked with them and do they pay on time?

I’ve completed 2 signings with them this year, one in April and the other in May. I was going through my ledger and I realized I hadn’t been paid for the April Signing yet (they pay 45 days after closing) so I emailed them. The next day I receive 2 emails, one was an invitation to setup direct deposit for future invoices, and the second was letting me know a check will be issued the next business day. This was 2 days ago so I hadn’t receive the check yet, but it’s on the way. :crossed_fingers:t4:

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Non-payment issues for either of the following companies.

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Seems like it’s good work. There’s no platform to upload docs so that itself makes it hard to track when the work was done and payment received. I did 2 signings and was paid today so that’s a good thing.

Any new info on ASAP Signing Services. There are a few with similar names. ASAP Pro is a different company and they paid me 35 days. I just finished two closings for ASAP Signing Services and kept the contact info for title in case I don’t get paid. Any recent experience?