Be ready for a busy November and December!

Be ready for a busy November and December! With the upcoming Holidays, everyone will try to get their loans booked before next year! I’m booked for 1st week of Nov. and secured some as far as Nov 15th and coming…Yikes! :scream:


I appreciate all the tips you have been giving on this site. Thanks for the heads up for the upcoming months. Business is picking up. I am going to get another printer like you suggested ( 4 is not in the budget right now) but I think an extra one is a good idea:)


You are most welcome. Best success to you:)

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Good suggestion. I’m unpacking my supplies order for Nov and Dec that recently arrived since materials will be getting hard to obtain soon. Bulk paper orders are also getting extended days for delivery.


Me too! Stock up on everything! I worry that we may have a hard time getting boxes of paper and printers, etc. May the good force be with you:) :+1:


Good tip! I also figure with the holiday’s, notaries will be taking vacation and it will be a good time to get some more business!


Yes ma’am! :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: Best success to you!

And don’t forget to negotiate! :grin:


You are the best and most helpful!


That is great. Where are you located? Are they SS or directs? We have been super quite in East Bay, Cali.

Please could you provide me with the best titles companies to register?

Almost didn’t make it to the UPS store! :scream: I think I like to abuse myself by working on election day which is my birthday!!!

Some of yesterday’s and today’s closings. Busssy!


I live in Massachusetts. how do I get that much signings. I work a full time job but how can I get more signings to make it successful for me so that I can quit my full Time job.

@lorycadeau Please keep in mind MA is an attorney only state…so, unless you are an attorney, your assignments will be limited. And if you already work full time I cannot imagine how you would complete that volume of work on a part time basis.

Best of luck


@lorycadeau I strongly concur with the insights provided above by LindaH-FL.

In addition, I’ll contribute that quitting a Full-Time position with Vacation, Weekends, Holidays, Sick Time, Insurance, and 1/2 your Federal Income taxes paid by your current employer is quite a serious decision to undertake regarding preparing for the future you envision.

You may want to seek out others within MA who have performed these services for many years to gather some insights regarding realistically viable potentialities. You also may find it helpful to reach out to certified notary signing agents [CNSAs] in other Attorney-Only states for their insights & possible assistance.

It would be insightful to do some research regarding the number of other CNSAs in your surrounding area/service region, if you haven’t already done so.

Wishing you the Best. :sparkles::pray:

thank you for the isights, I appreciate your help.

thank you so much. I was not aware it was a attorney state only

Goes back several years when they sued NREIS, a signing/title company over it…and won. It was determined that a notary conducting real estate closings was UPL and, therefore, illegal. Only attorneys can handle them now, or you must be under the direct supervision of an attorney through the entire process.

Is it fol!owed? No, not really. Bit if you have a listing on the numbers site, the owner there has a disclaimer on every listing stating it is illegal for a notary public to perform closings within the state…or at least he used to.

What is especially sad is training programs don’t care…they’ll take your money for their training despite the fact that you can’t do them…there have been several folks here posting that they’re newly certified and looking to get started and come to find out they’re in an attorney state or in a state that requires a Title Producer’s License or be a licensed Closing Agent - and no one ever to!d them…they just took their money for the training…and IMO that’s just criminal



True Case:
One of the ladies I trained is doing loan signing on weekends, after work hours, and some holidays. She is making more money per week than her full time job with the Gov. Poor girl is now talking about quitting her regular day job that has all these great benefits, including pension, health insurance & paid vacation and want to do this full time. I told her “No! No! and No! Do not quit your job. I repeat do not quit your day job! Just do it as a side gig whenever you feel like it.” Fortunately now, she’s not quitting her full-time job. She is now in a very good position, working full-time with a great income on the side. She has the best of both worlds.

I recommend that you don’t quit your day job and just do this on the side for now. Just take it easy and do each job with precision, professionally dressed and with zero defects. Absorb all the knowledge that you can from other notaries on here, which comprise a great platform that is rich with great information to help you meet or exceed your personal signing goal. Keep building your book of business by networking, be proactive and persevere. May you have a prosperous 2022.

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I concur completely @VIPnotaryCO

Your insights echo my thoughts identified above: Please don’t quit your ‘day’ job.

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New Update: Ok, she quitted her full time job today! Yikes! I guess don’t listen to anyone else and make your own choices! Do what is best for your own situation. :thinking::thinking::thinking: