Slow down!

Has any one notice that Job’s have almost but dried up compared to 2019 and 2020? What are your thoughts, what are you seeing?

May was insanely slow for me, I came up way short income wise. I did take a full week off for vacation, though, so it was nice in the sense that I could relax a little more knowing that I wasn’t missing many signing opportunities at home anyways. :sweat_smile:

June has been ok so far, the first two weeks are usually slower (at least in my area) so I’m hoping that things pick up towards the end of the month.

I only had 7 signings for the month of May and so far only 1 for the month of June. Part of it I think for me is that all of the assignment that have been coming through are either:
#1 2+ hour drive each way, add in the 1-2 hours it takes depending on the type of signing, more is scans required.
#2 I refuse them because the signing is 10 minutes away but they want the docs delivered back over an hour away…senseless for me to make a 2 hour trip to drop off docs.
#3 for some reason all of the signings want full scanbacks and are scheduled between 6pm and 8pm.
I prefer signings between 6am -5pm, has worked well for me until these last few months. (Biggest reasons for that is my husband and I live in our RV, I wake up with him at 2am when he gets up for work, I am usually in bed by 6pm), and I can not see well to drive in the dark.
Even with my schedule I had been VERY busy, but it is like the bottom has fallen out of our industry lately.

Comparing 2020 in my opinion sku’s the data as it was Covid and lots of NSAs were not doing signing which gave other NSAs way more volume than they would normally have.


Yes last year was the best for me in my 6yrs. I was so busy!!! Grateful that I didn’t get Covid. Best part was no traffic!!


is anyone licensed as a Title Insurance Producer or TIPIC? They are busy all year around

Title insurance provider? I assumed you had to be an attorney. Where would one start to look into this?!

It’s been very slow! After speaking with a few of my regular escrow companies, apparently the Refi boom is over. I had 13 signings in may and 12 so far for this month. I’m praying for more closings. Best wishes for us all!


No, you don’t need to be an attorney - notary signing agents have to have their TPL in certain states in order to do loan signings (or in some have a certification to handle funds). Maryland and Indiana immediately come to mind - there may be others, I’m not sure. I’d suggest googling your state to see if you really need it to do loan signings as a notary.

In all honesty, those with the TPL and are NOT attorneys are not really fairing any better than notary signing agents without - they still get the lowball offers and the slow pay/no pay companies. But it’s your call…first thing to do is check to see if it’s required in your state.

Good Luck

I have a TPL and no, I don’t consider myself to be any more busy than other notaries.
my state (MD) requires the license to perform loan closings. As LindaH-FL mentioned, we’re faring the same.

It has slowed a bit for me, yes. I live in a densely populated area in California btw. However-I’m finding that I’m receiving far fewer last minute requests, and more that are a few days away which I love. It allows me to plan my schedule a bit. I’m still super busy the third and last weeks of the months and I take everything I can get. What I love about this is that it feels like I kind of get a two week vacation each month. I’m still making an average $7,000/month. Also, I’m “preferred” by 3 different signing agencies, giving me first crack at anything in my area, and am the go-to for two different lenders, direct.

I think right now it’s super important to be sure you get to the signing on time, build a rapport with the signing party (so they give good feedback), make sure you scan and drop docs quickly as possible-that’ll help make you the first choice for signings. At this point, I feel ill be able to stay in the game permanently.

Oh! And make sure your packages are PERFECT.

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There is little or no inventory to sell. The included graphic, for Tarrant county (Fort Worth, TX) shows listings down 54+ percent year over year and the Months of Inventory down from 2.2 to 0.9 (this means that if no other homes went on the market it would take 0.9 of a month to sell them)

I have seen the amount of refinances increase as a percent of my total signings.

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I’m so glad to know that this isn’t just happening with me. I have only gotten 2 alerts in the last two weeks for signings and was wondering what in the world was going on.

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Yea I sometimes wonder if business owners in shops and services wonder why their business is slowing down like I wonder if they look at other business and think geez I wonder if the other businesses are getting business or am I just not getting any business

What can you do with a TPL? I’m guessing it has a primary purpose, aside from getting business as a notary; are there opportunities there?