Best solution to send scanned docs back

What is the best solution to store sendbacks for sending?

My solution is:

  1. Create a new Folder “Sendbacks”
  2. Scan & rename “Co.Name.BorrowerName.Date.”
  3. Save renamed scan in “Sendbacks”.
  4. When paid, delete that file.

Thanks Arichter

I was thinking more of how to securely store and send the sendbacks

Buy a really good scanner. I have Fitjitsu ix500; I actually it easier to just scan the entire package back even when they ask for just critical docs. Going through the package after closing takes time which could be spent doing something else.


I just purchased an Epson ES-300W.

Here is why:
I got tired of driving home to do scan backs after an appt when I could have taken another appt.

This unit has an internal battery and internal wifi to connect to the android or iOS Epson smartphone app.

It is very small and folds up into a box shape. When needed, I open it, power on, launch my phone app, initiate the scanner wifi and connect to my phone, scan the docs to my phone, disconnect the scanner wifi, upload or email the scanned docs, power down the scanner and off to my nest appt.

All from my car. Saves much time and the scanner is very fast in black and white mode (does color too). Has 25 page auto doc feeder.

Works great.

Hope this helps.


Am thinking of buying this model and wondered if you have had any issues with it. The price is $240., so was hoping to know reliability before purchasing. Thanks

Good to know, I will check out the Epson. thanks for sharing