Beware of Mortgage Docs

Do not accept orders from Mortgage Docs. In three years I have only done two order for them…one was in 2013 and it took over 8months to get paid. And they paid only after my suggestion that I might have to “Mention” their practices on social media.
The for some unknown reason, I accepted an order from them this year, and quickly realized that I had them on my “NO NO” list. Having already committed to complete the order I felt I could not back out and convinced myself that it will all be fine and I’ll get paid. Not so. Now I can’t even call them as they block my calls and send me directly to voice mail.
Please everyone…stay away from them…unless you like working for free.


Don’t take it personally. I think they do that with all notaries now. They’re tired of all of the “Where’s my money?” calls! The best method of dealing with scum like that is to threaten to take them to court. But only threaten them with that if you’re prepared to follow through with it. That’s what finally got me paid several hundred dollars that they owed me from 2015. If small claims court isn’t a viable option for you then threaten them in any way that you CAN follow through on. Even they don’t like bad publicity, even though that’s the only kind they seem to get.

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I am waiting on 1 check for a signing I did in early April of 2017. Their portal indicates that they sent me my check but I never recieved that check. I have left messages and emails with very little luck to get answers as to where my check went. At this point I will be kissing that $65 up to GOD with all the negative reviews that I have seen about this company. NEVER AGAIN MortgageDocs, NEVER AGAIN!

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I had always been paid by them, but now they owe me 3 closings. Same as the rest of you, I get the run-a-round and accounting never answers or replies to my messages.

Good morning,
I had the same problem of not getting paid timely. After making several phone calls to the CEO, I finally received payment. This also take out of profit margin making unnecessary phone calls.

I am having trouble getting paid by MortgageDocs. I have called and left messages, I have emailed president. I have left message with accounting. No responses. What’s up with these people?

WOW! That’s ridiculous.

I have the same problem. I finally got an email three months ago from Rudy Baldoni, stating that he would send me a check. They haven’t. I fax an invoice every day, with his email pasted into it. I email the same invoice every day. They suck.

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Call Empire Credit and Collection. The will submit a demand letter on your behalf and will communicate with the debtor for a small fee. The minimum you can submit for collection is $100.

P: 877-659-5986
F: 631-956-9217

I am submitting mine today!

I am in that situation right now. They owe me $425.00 and I have been trying to collect for two months. I called them every day this week and left messages on voicemail. In addition, I have sent 4 emails with no response. THEY ARE ON MY LIST OF COMPANIES TO NEVER TAKE ASSIGNMENTS FROM AGAIN.

Do they guarantee payment? How do they collect on your behalf?

I called them and they told me that if it is under $500, they take half. If over $500, they take 33%.

I recommend you CC the Lender/Title companies involved in the transactions you completed. If that does not work then send them a demand letter. I ended up having to wait over 5 months before I received payment from Mortgage Docs. I will not work with Mortgage Docs ever again.

Thanks, but what does a demand letter consist of?

I too have not been paid for a closing I did on March 4, 2017. I have reached out to Mortgage Docs and the lender, but I still to this day have not received payment for my services. It is so frustrating and can’t believe they can get away with this.

I continue to get the same response from Carol in Billing that a request has been submitted to Accounting. I don’t know what to do at this point. My payment is only for $65, so it is not worth pursuing any type of legal action for breach of contract.

Don’t even think of taking work from this company. It’s a shyster operation and IF you get paid, it will only be after you have hounded them for months–AND called THEIR customers to advise them on the type of company they’ve chosen to sully their own reputation with.

I’m in the same boat. Did two signings for them back in May and June of 2017, countless calls, emails and to no avail. Called title and didn’t help. I’m taking them to small claims court. The amount of money is very small, but it’s principal. Also notifying the BBB. In 13 years I’ve never had to deal with such a company.

It’s interesting, I just received an email from them to update my credentials! What a joke!

I’ve been dealing with this same thing. I took them to small claims court. The judge sided with me. I’ve been in and out of the courts trying to get payment but have had no luck! Urgg!!